Welcome to the Web Class
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Dawn Hogue, Nancy Patterson, Pat Schulze, Ted Nellen & friends

The First Class was on July 5 at 9am EST at Valley MOO.

    Check into the MOO whenever to see if anyone is there this week.
This page is here for you. It was created from a need expressed on NCTE-Talk: "I want my own webpage." The purpose of this page will be to provide you with access to teachers who have successfully created and use webpages in their classrooms. On this webpage we will have links to how to subscribe to a listserve, how to access the live portions, and of course links to web resources. We will post official class dates and times on this web page and on the list. The purpose of the list will be to help answer questions. Use the list to discuss where you will publish your webpage and any web editing tools you may know or have. Once you have that web presence, the list will be your support.

A reminder to ALL: if anyone would like independent study with any of us, email that person off list to arrange a time...


To join the listserve: http://interversity.org/lists/web_class/subscribe.html The list will keep you current with the latest.

Maybe Geocities would be a good place to make a page.


Blogs at Digital Divide Network Live:
  • Primary Valley MOO our main online MOO.
  • TappedIn. Login as guest. Once on locate those onlone in lower left hand corner. Click on "Online" to see TedN. If he is in click on his name and then on door in bottom of dialogue box.
  • Mentor Resources
  • Dawn Hogue's Web Class Page added 7/5
  • Ted Nellen's Web Page Style Sheet added 7/5
  • Nancy Patterson's Tutorial added 7/5
  • JavaScript Slideshow see Paul Turtola's Journalism 04 pics for demo added 7/5
  • Scholars' Projects

  • Fran's page. added 7/5
  • Dawn Sahouani's page. added 7/5
    Dawn's New Page added 7/6
  • Jessica LaQuee asked for some peer review. She is worried about navigation for her scholars. added 7/6
  • Angela Parkis Pettit added 7/9