Edward A Reynolds West Side High School's AUP

Edward A Reynolds West Side High School
Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Access Guidelines

Please read this entire document and then follow the directions at the end to insure your continued use of the Internet at Edward A Reynolds West Side High School.

Edward A Reynolds West Side High School (EARWSHS) is pleased to provide you with access to the Internet, email and digital communications. The following guidelines will provide you with basic information about your rights and responsibilities as a User of EARWSHS's Internet facilities.

The policy set by each teacher in hir classroom will reflect the latest change in school and BOE policy.

    student login policy

    Students will obtain a free email and blog from Google. EARWSHS students will follow a procedure to obtain these accounts. We wish to have each student open these school related accounts, even if they already have a blog account elsewhere.

    EARWSHS students will create accounts using the first letters of their name followed by the first five digits of their OSIS number. This method will allow for easy access by school, in programming for computer use throughout the school, and anonymity of the student.

1. These guidelines and the policies EARWSHS may adopt in the future are designed to make the school's Internet resources available to the entire EARWSHSE community and to help you use those resources responsibly. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines and policies is a condition of continued access to EARWSHS's Internet resources. Violation of EARWSHS Internet Access Policy may result in disciplinary action and may have significant legal consequences.

2. The same laws, school rules and codes of conduct that apply to your conduct in general apply to your conduct on the Internet. In particular contrary to what you may have heard, Internet based communications, such as email, postings to bulletin boards, chat rooms, and web sites can be used to commit acts that are illegal (the actor goes to jail) and unlawful (the actor gets sued). The penalty for illegal actions that may be committed using computers can be substantial. For example, software piracy is a federal offense, and upon first conviction, carries a penaly of imprisonment for up to ten (10) years and a fine up to $250,000. Any act that is either a civil or criminal violation of United States law, New York law or the law of other states is against school policy.

3. Your user ID and password are keys to accessing data about you and your work for school. In the wrong hands, your password and User ID can be used to impersonate you on line and take unauthorized action in your name. Accordingly, except for authorized school system employees, it is against EARWSHS policy for anyone to disclose and User ID or password, including their own, or to have, use, or attempt to use any other person's User ID or password under any circumstances. If you believe that anyone has learned your User ID or Password, you should inform your teacher.

4. The Principal is in charge of deciding when and how the school's name, seal and logo are used. Accordingly, you should not post anything to the Internet or send any electonic communication in the name of the EARWSHS without prior consent of the Principal.

5. EARWSHS believes in free speech and the free exchange of ideas. Accordingly, the school will not censor electronic communication and it cannot insulate you from receiving communications that you may find offensive. However, EARWSHS is also committed to providing its students with a safe, orderly, and productive working environment. Transmission of any threatening, intimidating or discriminatory communication, any communication that reveals private facts about another person without that person's permissions, or any communication that is intended to harass, intimidate or annoy another member of the EARWSHS community or to interfere with any students ability to perform hir job duties is against school's policy and may well be a violation of civil or criminal law. The school has the right to review electronic communications made using its facilities, and it may monitor those communications as necessary to ensure a safe, secure and orderly campus environment and to promote the interests of the EARWSHS Community. If you receive any threatening communication from any source, inside or outside the school, you should report it immediately to Security, your Webmaster, and the Dean's office. If that communication comes to you in electronic form, you should also inform your teacher. Be sure to save the mail.

6. The use of the school's computer facilities to access any of the following types of web sites without the prior written consent of the User's supervisor:

    a. Any site displaying sexually explicit or pornographic content of any kind;
    b. On-line games, including but not limited gambling, fortune telling, lotteries, sweepstakes, and other games of chance;
    c. Any site promoting violence, the use of controlled substances or other illegal activity;
    d. Any site promoting a multi-level marketing, home based business or other money- making scheme, mass solicitations [colloquially known as "spam"], chain letters; or other similar communications; and

7. The use of EARWSHS Internet resources to transmit or propagate email transmissions such as broadcast email, chain letters, mass market advertisements [spamming] of any kind without the prior written consent of the User's supervisor.

8. Each child owns the copyright on all work created and published or not published on the Internet. By publishing it, each child is making this work available to others, who should not publish it without that child's permission. We will help enforce this to the best of our ability even though we support free flow of information for educational purposes.