Joining Google

Joining Google

We will be using Google for document sharing and for an email list.

  1. Open Netscape or Firefox. proxy =
  2. Can you access your email on this computer?
    If No or you don't have an email, use Yahoo to create one and then continue.
    If Yes, continue.
  3. Go to Google.
  4. "Sign in" by clicking on "Sign in" upper right corner of screen.
  5. Create account.
  6. Follow screen directions.
  7. Open your email and activate account as sent to you in the email from Google.
  8. Once your account opens, select "more" at bottom of right column under "Try something new."
  9. In Communicate, show & share section find "Docs & Spreadsheets" and click on it.
  10. You will be taken to a new page. Your login will appear. You will need to provide password.
  11. Click on "See all my services."
  12. Now "Docs & Spreadsheets" will be added to My Services on your ACCOUNT page.
  13. Click on "Docs & Spreadsheets" Always Sign out when you are done: in upper right corner select "Sign Out."

    You will now be able to upload and download your work to this Google account. When you work on a computer, anywhere, you merely need to login to Google and work on a document and then upload it to the account so you can work on it from another computer. This is how you will share your work with me and your other teachers.

    Be sure to add me,, as a collaborator for your documents so that I can see them and add comments.

    Okay, now add the "Harrison Bergeron" document to your account and make me the collaborator.

    Finally you will need to add your email to the class email list group. See Ted.