Hypertext Haiku

For this second poetry assignment, you will write five(5) haiku. On the first file, haiku.html, you will explain what a haiku is. Then on a piece of paper you will write your five haiku. We will then discuss how you will find links in one haiku to the other four. To make the links, find words in a haiku that makes a definition, image link to another haiku you wrote. Circle the word you chose and then draw a line to the haiku it links to. When the reader selects a word in one haiku to link on, be sure the linked to haiku is an appropriate jump and the reader understands the connection between the word in the last haiku to the new haiku. You will create five more files called: h1.html, h2.html, h3.html, h4.html, h5.html for each haiku. In each haiku you will make links to the other haiku on words you have selected. Use VIEW, SOURCE to see how the linking works in these Haiku.

So let's start. What is a haiku?

Have Fun!!

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