Midsummer Night's Dream

William Shakespeare

The Globe

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The Prologue

  • Who are Theseus and Hippolyta They symbolize order.
    Why might Shakespeare have used them for this play?

    The Theater

  • The Globe

    The Play

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    Use BlackBoard for our discussions.

    Create mnd.html for your Journal for Midsummer Night's Dream which will be an examination of CHAOS in the play. Use these quotes as lens through which you examine the elements of CHAOS in Midsummer Night's Dream.

    Start by explaining what is happening in Act I, scene i by examininig the characters. We saw the movie and you have access to the text. Use both to help you explain what you saw and read. Be specific with names and events!!!! Perhaps you want to speak about the men: THESEUS, EGEUS, LYSANDER, and DEMETRIUS; the women: HIPPOLYTA, HERMIA, HELENA. Explain the CHAOS of the opening of the play. When you speak about each character be sure to include evidence from the play, specific lines, to support what you say about each character. Now that we have concluded the play, discuss how the ending was appropriate to the supposed chaos of the beginning. What is the power of illusion and reality in the mix? Is the play named appropriately? What is the purpose of the play? Have fun.

    In a new file called bank.html copy the last speech to Puck by Oberon in Act II, scene i, that begins "I pray thee, give it me." and place it in this new file. Then using hypertexts on the visual words in the passage, link to images you can find to illustrate the passage.

    Study Guide

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    Epilogue: THE ESSAY

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