In the janwebfolio06.html file, create your hypertext webfolio project with this line in mind:

Imagine what you will know tomorrow.

You will use the janwebfolio06.html page as the front page to your hypertext essay. Instead of having one long essay, you will create files and link to them as you did with hypertext haiku. Each file you create will have links to other parts of your webfolio, too. The links for example will take the reader to a page that introduces a body of work, like the book reviews or I am or Vety without being links to the actual work. This initial file will be used to introduce the reader to what the assignment was and what you did. You will discuss your thinking about the work, a review of what you created before the reader links to the actual work. So from your frontpage, janwebfolio.html you will have a link to a page that tells the reader about you I am and prepares the reader for what is about to be read when the reader links to your I am. Do this for all your work.

For navigational reasons, you will want links to the frontpage, done in subtle ways. You will want to make links to outside resources when necessary for the reader to be privy to your thoughts and knowledge. You will want to make links to your other work as you compare one work to another. Make connections between your different pieces. They are not isolated bodies of work, they are connected in some way. Use the quotes or add your own to help you make these links. You are assessing your work for the reader in these introductory files.

  • Create a map of your plans on a large piece of paper to help you.