Fanning Your Genius

You are going to spend January, fanning the genius in you by creating a webfolio of your first semester's accomplishments. This webfolio will be an inquiry into your work and yourself as the writer. What kind of self do you see being created?
  • Create file called: janwebfolio06.html, it will be the beginning of your hypertext webfolio.
  • Place link to this new file at the top of your work, in english.html.
  • Create separate introductory files, that link to your work, where you describe the work the reader is about to read. These files will be factual, explain the assignment, and link to your work. These files will explain to the reader what you are doing, discuss your growth from September to January, have links to the other introductory files before the reader reads the original work you created. Review each work you have created. They are evaluations of your work and of yourself.
  • Use your knowledge of hypertext to connect all your work into a single body under a common theme (use the quotes) you discover and develop about your work thus far this semester.
  • Use the two quotes on janwebfolio06.html as critical lenses of your work and of yourself and as the basis for the common theme of your webfolio.
  • You may link to other classes and to work in other schools if you wish.