The Work of the Information Technology HS Scholars

The Work
of the
Information Technology HS Scholars

Work relieves us from three great evils: boredom, vice, and want.
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The Introduction

This page presents the scholars of CyberEnglish. Follow these links to the academic work (Today's Menu) of our Cyber English scholars. Their Home Pages are the foundation for their webfolios. The webfolios provide us with the base for our work in Peer Review. In addition visitors are encouraged to visit each scholar's work and to provide some feedback to that scholar upon viewing it. We thank you for your participation. TeleMentoring is a big part of our program. The Internet brings mentoring alive. Consider being a mentor for one of our scholars. These are the guidelines by which they create their webpages.

The scholars represented here are in a full year course developing webfolios. The work dates back to Sept and could be as current as today. Because of vacations and other matters, some scholars' work may not seem as current as others. And of course you may link to any scholar's work as reference as we not only harvest from the Internet, we give back.

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