On Reading Professionally...

Mark J. Welch wrote:
I've been doing a lot of reading during June and July (2002), and I have many more waiting on my shelf. I've purchased most of the "books about teaching" mentioned on this list -- but I'm looking for more suggestions. My book list -- including those read so far, plus the major ones waiting on my shelf -- is posted at Mark Welch's Perspective.

From: Eric Crump
What a great list, Mark! I see a number of titles I want to take a look at myself.
Also have a few suggestions, some of my favorites:

    Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn
    How Children Fail by John Holt
    How Children Learn by John Holt
    One Size Fits Few by Susan Ohanian
    Caught in the Middle by Susan Ohanian
    Summerhill School by A.S. Neill
    School and Society by John Dewey
    At the Schoolhouse Gate by Gloria Pipkin and ReLeah Lent

From: Pat Schulze
Some that are very important to me:

    Tom Romano - Clearing the Way
    Writing With Passon
    Blending Genre, Altering Style
    Fran Claggett - Drawing Your Own Conclusions )With Joan Brown)
    A measure of Success
    Fran Claggett, Louann Reid, Ruth Vinz - Recasting the TEXT
    Jeffrey N. Golub - Activities for an interactive Classroom
    Lucy Calkins - The Art of Teaching Writing
    Natalie Goldberg - Writing Down the Bones
    Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird

From: Olivia Fulmer
I'd like to add these to Pat's list:

    Regie Routman--Literacy at the Crossroads
    Regie Routman--Conversations.
    Katy Wood Ray-- Wondrous Words and The Writing Workshop: Working through
    the Hard Parts (and They're All Hard Parts).
    Janet Allen--Yellow Brick Roads
    Keene and Zimmerman--Mosaic of Thought

From Ted

    Everything by Jonathan Kozol
    The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer
    Jefferson's Children by Leon Bothstein
    The Manufactured Crisis by Berliner, Biddle
    The Way We Were by Richard Rothstein
    The Mismeasure of Man by Stepehn Jay Gould

  • Ted's Book list and reviews.

    From: Karisti
    I hope I am not repeating anything on your list:

      Janet Allen - most anything
      Graves - The Energy to Teach
      Burke - The English Teacher's Companion
      Wilhelm - You Gotta Be the Book
      Schoenbach et al - Reading for Understanding