Why Do I Need a Webpage?

Because it promotes and models good scholarship. Scholarship is our business. Scholarship is making ones work public, engaging in peer review, and passing it on. This act is unfortunately done only at the end of an academic career and not by all in the PhD program. Why not introduce this idea of scholarship earlier, say first grade? Webpages make our work public and our students' work public. Why would we want to do that? Because it helps us in the fight to show how "Authentic Assessment" can be done and how it is better than high stakes tests. Once the work is public our student-scholars can engage in Peer Review. And finally in the spirit of good scholarship, the work is passed on for others to use.

So with this in mind, that is why we need a webpage: To model for our scholars and to provide our colleagues with resources. It will be our way of showing the right people how we in the Alternative HS of NYC can provide better assessment: Authentic Assessment at its best. The webpage is the key to successful and effective Authentic Assessment.