Project #19 Satire

Project:#19 Satire

You will do a project on satire. Define satire by using the resources below. Read the examples and select three (3) that you will use to analyze and use to help you define and explain satire.

Satire. A manner of writing that mixes a critical attitude with wit and humor in an effort to improve mankind and human institutions. Ridicule, irony, exaggeration, and several other techniques are almost always present. The satirist may insert serious statements of value or desired behavior, but most often he relies on an implicit moral code, understood by his audience and paid lip service by them. The satirist's goal is to point out the hypocrisy of his target in the hope that either the target or the audience will return to a real following of the code. Thus, satire is inescapably moral even when no explicit values are promoted in the work, for the satirist works within the framework of a widely spread value system. Many of the techniques of satire are devices of comparison, to show the similarity or contrast between two things. A list of incongruous items, an oxymoron, metaphors, and so forth are examples. See " The Purpose and Method of Satire" for more information.
(from: do a search on this page for satire to find more.)

  • Satire a definition.
  • Another one
  • Other sources of definition
  • War Emoticons from Dec 2007 New Yorker silly

    Examples: Use three (3) of these.

  • Adbusters
  • Using satire to create change
  • The Onion a must read.
  • The the impotence of proofreading
  • A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, a classic. Swift almost lost his life for writing this.
  • Gene Ziegler is a prisoner in ... The Digital Clocktower
  • Paul Turtola's Satire Page.

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