Lyre of Stonecrushing


The Lyre of Stonecrushing's origins are lost in antiquity, though it was believed to be created during the reign of Grecia on Ærth. There is an apocryphal section of Homer's epic poetry about this device being used during the great way of Troy.

The device has been used in several sieges, usually being effective against smaller fortresses will little or no Heka protection. It is also said to be the source of the maxim "Those who anger a Bard may soon find their sturdy cottage or their castle turned into dust."


A Lyre of Stonecrushing usually looks like an ordinary Lyre of Unsurpased quality. Usually, it is plated with Silver or Electrum. In any event, there is usually some form of pictogram indicating hints as to its uses. (For instance, a fist crushing stone, Stone turning to dust, etc.)

If the aura is analyzed, auras of Mixed Heka can be found, and further scruntiny if possible will reveal the presence of ties to both the elemental sphere of Ærth (Stone) as well as Entropy.


The Lyre is a magickal instrument. As such, the device conferes 5d6 STEEP Muscial ability to the user when he plays the device.

The power of the device is apparent when playing the lyre and staring at a mass of stone, brick, ground, clay, or even mud within 60 yards. When played, a sparkshower of magical effect can be seen, slowly disintergrating or "eating away" the stone mass, to disappear in stone and dust. For every AT this Lyre is played, a 10' cubic quantity of stone will be disintergrated. This is a good device used for both digging projects and siege adventures. If a user is interupted via combat, round to the nearest BT (1'/BT) to determine the quantity disintergrated. Note that a user must concentrate solely on this task, and cannot perform other tasks.

The device also has an inimical effect upon Stone-based creatures. Creatures made of Ærth Elemental substance, such as most elementals and similar lifeforms (Djinn), Stone Golems, and animated statues will take D6 PD/CT when a user is playing this device. Those creatures that are aware (not just preprogramned non-thinking automatons) will know this device to be the cause of their injury and will likely perform a full assault on the persona if able.

Those HPs will the K/S area Spellsongs can attempt to enhance the effect. By making a K/S roll vs. DR "Hard", they can double the amount of stone disintergrated (roll each AT) or the amount of damage done to an Ærth creature (roll each CT for extra D6 of damage).