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An Affair of State--Guy de Maupassant (September 1996)
The Ambitious Guest--Nathaniel Hawthorne (October 1997)
Araby--James Joyce (June 1997)

Bellflower--Guy de Maupassant (October 1997)
Beware of the Dog--Roald Dahl (January 1997)
The Boarded Window--Ambrose Bierce (September 1996)

The Cask of Amontillado--Edgar Allan Poe (June 1996)
A Child's Christmas in Wales--Dylan Thomas (December 1996)
Confessing--Guy de Maupassant (April 1997)
A Coward--Guy de Maupassant (June 1996)

Death Makes a Comeback--James O'Keefe (April 1997)
The Door--E. B. White (April 1997)

Ethan Brand--Nathaniel Hawthorne (February 1998)
Eva Is Inside Her Cat--Gabriel Garcia Marquez (January 1997)
Eyes of a Blue Dog--Gabriel Garcia Marquez (February 1997)

The Fall of the House of Usher--Edgar Allan Poe (October 1997)
The Falls--George Saunders (October 1997)

The Gift of the Magi--O. Henry (September 1996)
The Girls in Their Summer Dresses--Irwin Shaw (June 1996)
The Griffin and the Minor Canon--Frank Stockton (June 1996)

Haircut--Ring Lardner (January 1997)
The Hairpin--Guy de Maupassant (April 1997)
A Haunted House--Virginia Woolf (August 1996)
Humiliation--Guy de Maupassant (April 1997)
Hunters in the Snow--Tobias Wolff (February 1997)

The Lady, or the Tiger?--Frank Stockton (April 1997)
Lamb to the Slaughter--Roald Dahl (November 1998)
The Last Leaf--O.Henry (January 1999)
The Last Spin--Evan Hunter (April 1998)
Leiningen versus the Ants--Carl Stephenson (October 1997)
A Little Cloud--James Joyce (June 1997)
The Lottery--Shirley Jackson (February 1998)
The Lottery Ticket--Anton Chekhov (January 1997)

Man From the South--Roald Dahl (November 1998)
The Masque of the Red Death--Edgar Allan Poe (October 1997)
The Minister's Black Veil--Nathaniel Hawthorne (June 1996)
The Monkey's Paw--W. W. Jacobs (January 1997)
The Most Dangerous Game--Richard Connell (June 1996)
The Mouse--Saki (H. H. Munro) (October 1997)
Mrs. Packletide's Tiger--Saki (H. H. Munro) (October 1997)

The Necklace--Guy de Maupassant (November 1997)

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge--Ambrose Bierce (September 1996)
Old Mongilet--Guy de Maupassant (April 1997)
One of These Days--Gabriel Garcia Marquez (April 1998)
A Passion in the Desert--Honoré de Balzac (June 1996)
The Piece of String--Guy de Maupassant (October 1996)
The Pit and the Pendulum--Edgar Allan Poe (August 1997)
Politics and the English Language--George Orwell (October 1996)
The Private History of a Campaign That Failed--Mark Twain (December 1996)

The Ransom of Red Chief--O. Henry (September 1996)
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi--Rudyard Kipling (April 1998)
Rocking-Horse Winner--D. H. Lawrence (June 1997)

Shooting an Elephant--George Orwell (June 1996)
A Slander--Anton Chekhov (January 1997)
The Sniper--Liam O'Flaherty (August 1997)
The Soldiers' Peaches--Stuart Cloete (August 1996)
Split Cherry Tree--Jesse Stuart (October 1996)
Sredni Vashtar--Saki (H. H. Munro) (April 1998)
The Storyteller--Saki (H. H. Munro)
The Street That Got Mislaid--Patrick Waddington (June 1996)

A Telephone Call--Dorothy Parker (June 1997)
The Tell-Tale Heart--Edgar Allan Poe (June 1996)
The Time Machine--H. G. Wells (February 1997)
To Build a Fire--Jack London (June 1996)

The Use of Force--William Carlos Williams (November 1996)

The Vendetta--Guy de Maupassant (April 1997)
The Vertical Fields--Fielding Dawson (February 1997)

Young Goodman Brown--Nathaniel Hawthorne (July 1996)