Your Image as a Teacher


TEXT: Images of Schoolteachers in America Second Edition by Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Gail E. Burnaford; Lawerence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, 2001; ISBN: 0-8058-3087-1

Along with your WebQuest, as a final product, you will also provide a narrative, an essay, a written piece that explains, outlines, conveys your image of yourself as a teacher using the metaphor and other devices to help you better understand yourself as a teacher. Why did you become a teacher? Use Chapters 7 & 8 to help define yourself. What characters in any books or movies do you admire, find as your heroes, models? What pedagogical theories do you follow?

The readings from the TEXT will help you mine these ideas and you should reference the TEXT accordingly.

Begin by exploring the "classical stereotype" of the teacher in Chapters 7 & 8.

What are some of the Images of the "classical stereotypes" that come to mind?
What words would you use to characterize the "classical stereotype"?

Continue with Chapters 9-12 to better understand the current stereotyping of the teacher in society.

To get started on your own Image or Re-Inventing Read Chapters 4 & 5 to understand the use of the metaphor in helping you describe your image and supplement them with this article. This will be the basis of your reading for your Image narrative and your own metaphor about your professional Image.

Augment your Image with Chapters 2, 3, & 6 as you read about other teachers and how they came to describe their images of themselves.

Conclude your readings by reading Chapters 1 & 13.

Throughout the semester, continually revisit your IMAGE and refine it as you learn more from your practice and from the readings. Use the readings to spark further thought of discover and reference them as needed.