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Call the file slam.html

Create a file called thinking.html and discuss how you interpret this quote from President Wilson. Did you know that Wilson was president of Princeton Universtiy before he became President of the USA? Discuss how you both agree and disagree with the quote. Use at least 2 examples for each argument (both agree and disagree) to support your thesis. Since this is being asked of you in Tech Class, use technology examples.

To do things today exactly the way you did them yesterday saves thinking.
~ Woodrow T. Wilson ~
(1856-1924, Twenty-eighth President of the USA)

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Using Photoshop

Learning Netscape Composer


Web Pages that Suck

Liquid Webpages

Read these articles:


Create your own splash.html files and play.
    1. adjust time
    2. point "skip intro" to page you are planning to go
    3. when splash finishes, be sure to point to destination.


As you play with Powerpoint, consider this. Need More?

Use the NOTES section to write out text you would use to augment the key points on slide. Sort of like an essay to the outline above.


Explore the Tables links here. Find inofrmation on cellpadding and cellspacing and what you can do with the td tag. What else can be done with Tables?


Frames: You will be exploring frames. Use this Site to start.
    1. create "frames.html"
    2. Recreate your homepage in frames.
    3. Add link on your homepage to frames version.
    4. See HTML for another style or this.
  • Cybrary
  • Search Engines

    How to Search: Mining the Net, for Resources and Tutorials.

    Search engines are the main tools that Internet browsers use to help you find information and narrow down your searches. For each search you are likely to get not only TOO MUCH information but the *wrong* kind too. Don't rely on just one search engine, learn to use a few.

  • Modules of Instruction on search engines and some.
    Search 1
    Search 2
    Search 3
    George Boole Boolean
  • A WebQuest about search tools.
  • Evaluating Web Resources
  • Reviews of Search Engines from the Search Page