FAQ about nyc

Some HELP!! Bus schedule from airports to Grand Central and Port Authority:
JFK to Manhattan.
Airtain from JFK is 7$. Airtrain to E Train to 42nd Street.
LGA to Manhattan.
Newark Liberty to Manhattan. $12.50 each way nyc is a walking city Some good info from New York Magazine east from west; north from south the sides of a street or avenue in nyc can be confusing and intriguing at the same time. to help sort through this maze let me provide a few easy to remember rules: in manhattan odd numbered streets run west, and the even numbered streets run west. there are exceptions to these rules as their are exceptions to all rules. a philosphical discussion of rules and exceptions is for another time. you don't have the time. you want to get from here to there now. let is suffice you may learn some of the exceptions first hand. or not. Some streets have 2 way traffic: Canal, 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th, 59th, 72nd, 86th, 96th, 110th, 125th, 135th, 145th... oh you are on your own when the street has a name. now for the avenues: FDR drive both ways; york both ways; 1st north; 2nd south; 3rd north (both ways south of 14th?); lexington south; park both ways; madison north; fifth south; 6th or avenue of americas north to central park @59; seventh south from central park @59; broadway south at 59, both ways from columbus circle north; 8th (varick or central park west) north; 9th or columbus south; 10th and amsterdam north; 11th both ways the rest is 12th and westside hiway both ways. Good Street Maps. central park: 5th ave on the east; central park west on the west. 59th street to the south and 110 st to the north. metro card: buy a 20$ card, get a couple free rides with it. you can use it on subways and busses and even the train to the plane at JFK. subway and bus is $2 each ride with transfers available if you use both bus and train in same ride. Subway and Bus Maps. Ride anywhere in nyc and then walk that neighborhood or enjoy a meal or site. pedi cabs: great way to get around the confines of marriot and javits. around the rest of times square and hell's kitchen too. cabs are expensive but reliable, safe, and quick. Car service / limo are very expensive and at your call while you have hired them. Museums, museuems, museums NYC is a city of museums. Get a copy of The New Yorker or New York Magazine for listings of museums and what they are curently showing when you arrive in nyc. Don't miss this museum. BACK