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  • BBC: Civilisations [Macromedia Flash Player]
  • Will Durant Foundation
  • EduConnect
  • The History Channel
  • The History Net
  • Cornell Library Historical Monographs Beginning in 1990, the Cornell Library initiated an ambitious early attempt to create digital surrogates for materials that were rapidly deteriorating and becoming brittle. Utilizing prototype equipment developed in tandem with Xerox, the materials were scanned and placed online. Currently, the materials available include 441 entire monographs, totaling 159,961 pages. The search engine located on the site allows visitors to search the holding by author, title, and text. Additionally, visitors can browse the collection by author or title. The monographs include Shelley's "An address to the Irish people," Comte's "Positive Philosophy," selected writings of Richard Wagner, and Sir Richard Burton's "Personal Narrative of a pilgrimage to el Medinah and Meccah." The Web site concludes with a help section that contains information about searching and browsing this interesting collection of online monographs.
  • Tom Daccord's "Best Of" History Web Sites Students in my Twentieth Century history class join me in a web-based activity using wireless Mac laptops (Spring 2000). In Fall of 2000, I was invited to write an article about my experiences teaching with these IBooks. Some of the feedback from colleagues around the world helped provide me with the impetus to share my thoughts in this article. Tom Daccord 12/7/2000 (e-mail: daccord@nobles.edu) My "Best of" History web page is the second listing in Teaching History's recommended general history web sites. It is ranked above many prominent university sites. Tom Daccord 1/24/01
  • The World FactBook
  • International Resources from the Library of Congress This site acts as a gateway to a number of Library of Congress (LOC) international resources. The site is divided into five main sections. The Portals to the World section offers links to sites selected by LOC subject specialists arranged by country. Currently there are 46 countries featured, though the project plans to offer resources for all nations when completed. Special International Guides, another section of the site, collects nine of LOC's online products related to international studies. Included here are the Vietnam-Era POW/MIA Database, the Global Legal Information Network, the Handbook of Latin American Studies, and more. In addition to these two useful pages, International Resources includes a Gateways to the World page, giving information on LOC's reading rooms and international collections. A page on Fellowships in International Studies and a FAQ round out the site.
  • Portals to the World Presented by the Library of Congress, Portals to the World is an electronic database containing selective links that provide information on the various nations and other areas of the world. Countries are arranged alphabetically and contain links sorted in areas such as General Resources, Government and Law, Literature and Culture, News and Current Events, Libraries, Business and Residential Directories, and much more. Although in a nascent stage, the site provides a vast amount of links for each listed country. When completed, the project intends to have all the nations of the world included on its Web page.

    Gobs of History Links

  • American Revolution
  • American history
  • Archiving Early America
  • Historical Maps Online
  • The History Net
  • HistoryWorld
  • Women's history
  • History from the U of Kansas
  • History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
  • On the Buffalo soldiers
  • A social studies site with lesson plans
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Black history for kids
  • Stories
  • Native American history
  • On Vietnam's effect on people's lives
  • An outstanding black history link
  • Charles Isbell's site on people and events in black history
  • African Americans in Sciences
  • History of African Americans in the Civil War
  • History Computerization Project:
  • American history from Mississippi State, another excellent site
  • History of Mathematics
  • Ancient World of Rome

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