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The Internet Projects
The NEW Learning Centers

We were honored by Blue Web'n Library of Learning Applications.

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The Work of our Scholars
Consider TeleMentoring scholars in these classes.
Cyber English
Ted Nellen
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Jennifer Nardone
English Studies
Bo Wu
3 Dimensional Geometry
Ken Heffron
Earth Science
Edward Colley
Early Civilizations
Carolyn Sevo
Bilingual Chinese Webstation
Li Bing Wu
ESL Literature Class
Beiqi Tao
Virtual Voice
a Virtual Enterprise
Water Study
Neil Wang
1. March 98 FromNowOn issue
of Wired Classrooms by Jamie McKenzie
2. An article on why we should wire our classrooms.

General Info

  • All students will read and agree to MBHS Acceptable Use Policy
  • All students receive and return a signed permission slip which alerts parents to their children's access to the Internet.
  • Our wired classrooms.
  • Notice on Plagiarism!!
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