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  • About Virtual Enterprise
  • Truths to Tell: Youth and Newspaper Reading SB Heath & S DeWitt
  • Reading List for our students.
  • The Educator Gateway to Wall St
    Article from Digital Metropolis
  • Starting Your Own Business Online or TextOnly
  • Cyber Biz
  • DandyWeb Writing for Success
  • Resumes
  • International Links:
    [Iluistra | European | ACT: Austria | ZÜF - Germany | Denmark]
    [Netherlands | Spain | Norway | Finland | Finland | Uni Graz]

  • Resources:
    [CyberLibrary: AUPs, Censorship, Copyright and more]
    [Teacher Internet Resources | Student Interent Resources]
    [Internet Projects | Search Engines | HTML Guides | Zines | Schools]

  • Meyers-Briggs
  • Barbarian's Online Test Page
  • A Matter of Privacy from Cyber Times.
  • Information Business Know-How
  • Business Student resource Page
  • Dandelion Innovations has some good articles. See Current issue or back issues.
  • Kaizen: Japanese for do a little better tomorrow than you did today and do a little better today than you did yesterday.
  • An Educator's View of Kaizen
  • Kaizen

    Reading List

    Peter Senge: Fifth Discipline (page 182, 196)
    Ben Franklin:
    George Orwell: Animal Farm, 1984
    Lois Lowry: The Giver
    Shaw's Pygmalion
    Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland
    Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice
    Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
    Emperor's New Clothes

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