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Cyber English

T1.5 Thursday Nov 18 1:30-2:45


Cyber English was created so that we might explore the pedagogy of constructivism. It was begun in 1994 and the results have been encouraging. The premise is that education is a student activity and it is an interactive process between the scholar and hir mentors. The Internet provides for this interactivity. The scholars harvest from the Internet and they plant their work on the net. Many teachers use the net to access information as in research. However, the real power of the net in our classrooms is to provide our scholars with public exposure. The practice of scholarship is to make the work public, to engage in peer review, and to pass it on. So in the spirit of scholarship, my students publish all of their work on the web in their webfolios to make it public. They engage in peer review and telementoring. And finally their work becomes a resource for someone else.

Cyber English utilizes the Internet to access the available online information for the class and to publish the scholars work. The Internet provides us for the first time a totally interactive environment for our scholars. Unlike the text, television, video, teacher, which are all one way delivery systems of instruction; the Internet provides a two way environment. This two way environment provides relevance to the students and better engages them when they are working on their projects.

Assessing the work of the scholars becomes authentic. The interactive aspect of the Internet provides the avenue for authentic assessment. The Internet provides the means to allow the audience, the populace to interact with the scholars in their public schools. That would be a pure national test. If the work of every person in our schools was online and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere then assessment is being done. Accessibility for assessment by the person or persons interested in assessing some scholars' work is a power of the Internet. Make assessing public. Utilizing the genius of America, no the world, via the net can drastically alter edcuation, no learning!

The Session

My PowerPoint Presentation

We had a very large and engaged audience. Some of the important elements which came out of this session:
We aren't technology teachers.
Use linking to go to other sites, to own, and to classmates.
Using rubrics to assess.
Copyright was deferred to Saturday's session
Cyber English has great attendance.
Greatest weakness is the teacher.
Nancy Patterson
Vince Puzick
Gretchen Lee