VETY: Vocabulary Etymology

as used and created by Ted Nellen and reported in NYTimes Vocab Project

DIRECTIONS: Keep each entry on a separate 3X5 index card in alphabetical order. In the upper left hand corner write the word. In the upper right corner write Language of derivation. Under the word on left write definition. On right side under lang of deriv write examples of word in action.

AUTO Latin
self autobiography, automobile etc

Words separated by a comma are related in some way. Words separated by space are a new word.

1. nihil semi,demi,hemi uni,mono,solus duo,bi,di tri quad,tetr quin,pent sex,hex sept,hept oct non,nov,ennea dec cent,hect mill,kilo mega giga,nano

2. a ab able acr acro act,ag acy ad agog agri ali ambi ami an ana anim annu,enni ante anthrop,andro anti

3. apo aqua arch aster ation aud aug auto bat be belli ben biblio bio breve cad cand cap cata

4. cede,ces,cess,ceed,gress centro chir chloro chromo chronos cid,cis circum cit clam,claim claus,close,clude cogn com con- tra,counter cord corp cosm cred

5. crypt culp cur curr cycl dat de deb demos dens derm dex dia dic dis doc domin

6. dox duct dynam dys ego en epi equ erg err esse esthesia etymos eu ex extra fac fall feder felic

7. fer fid fin for fore frag frat fumus fus gamy gen geo gon grad gram graph grat greg hab helio

8. hemo hetero homo hydro hyper hypo in ine inter intro iso it jac jud,jur,jus jug junct labor later leg

9. liber lith loc log loqu luc macro mal man mar matri merc meta meter micro mis miso mitt more mori

10. morph multi,poly nav nect neo noc nom non nox ob olig omni oper ori orth over oxy pac pan para

11. path patri ped,pod pell pend peri phil phob phon photo physi pneumo pon,posit port post pre prim pro proto

12. prox,prope pseudo psycho punct put quire quit re reg retro rid rog rupt sanct sang sci sclero scope scrib sed,sid,ses

13. sent sequi sin sol solv some son soph sorb soror spec spir stat strict sub super,supra surd syn tac,tang tain,ten

14. tele tempor ten terr theo therm tort tract trans trude,truse ubi ultra un urb ut vad val vari veni ver

15. verb vert via vibr vice vict,vinct vid,vis vir vit viv voc vol volv vor with xeno zo