Valley Forge Classroom Connect

Valley Forge
Classroom Connect Conference

Ted Nellen
May 3, 1997

  • Interns Using students to teach teachers and students and to assist in the wired classroom will make using the technology easier.
  • Mentoring Using the Internet to tap the intellectual power of the world and bring it into my classroom.
  • Cyber English is the class I teach to 11th graders.
  • Cyber Library is a collection of Interent resources compiled by the students.
  • Internet Projects at our school.
  • Assessment of Internet in K-12.
  • Murry Bergtraum HS in New York City.
  • My writings: What I have said about how I use the Internet in my classroom.

    What the students have to say...

    My first Headmaster told me the best way to find out about a teacher is to ask the students. I believe it is the best way to judge a pedagogical concept too. So I have selected some students from the Murry Bergtraum class of 96 who speak about their experience in a class that uses the Internet. This may be the best way to show you what we are doing before you spend time reading and exploring how we do it.

  • Ashley Barrett
  • Amy Chan
  • Hong Chen
  • Rosie Delacruz
  • Tati Diaz
  • Kim Gaffney
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Vanessa Gonzalez
  • Linda Huang
  • Connie Lam
  • Susan Leung
  • Christie Ling
  • Jeanette Lu
  • Corrine Novak
  • Ismael Torres
  • Gail Zeng
  • If you want to see the rest of the class or if you want to see this year's crop of juniors in CyberEnglish click on the appropriate link. We are also generating a ninth grade class. I have provided links to English classes, but we have other disciplines using the net: history, deaf and hard of hearing, and bilingual. You can find these links in the Internet Projects

    All classes that use the Internet are treated as if they were on a field trip. With that in mind, permission slips are given to the students to take home and are returned signed by the parents before the students use the Internet.

    Description of our technology roundtable

    The Big Picture: A Roundtable on the Reality of Bringing The Internet into the Classroom


    Classroom Connect has played a leadership role in identifying ideas and projects that teachers and students can implement using the Internet. In fact, the Classroom Connect Conference is replete with exemplary practices on the effective use of Internet for enhancing student-directed learning that is exciting and meaningful. However, in order for students and teachers to have easy access, they need to have networked computers in their classrooms that are connected to the Internet. Despite Clinton and Gore's call for every classroom to be connected to the Internet by the year 2000, 89% of our classrooms still are not connected.

    The purpose of the Technology Roundtable is to discuss how to achieve the goal of connecting classrooms to the Internet. Patsy Wang-Iverson and Andy Carvin, both well experienced in leading discussions on a wide range of educational networking issues, will bring together a diverse group of Internet educators to share their experiences and to engage participants in a lively discussion. These participants in the roundtable will include individuals from schools and companies that have found innovative solutions that maximize the contribution of all members of their community, and from companies that offer programs and resources to support the schools' quest for a comprehensive technology infrastructure.

    This roundtable, however, is not meant to be a panel of 'experts'lecturing an audience on the do's and don't's of educational networking. Instead, we intend to serve as a catalyst for open discussion among all participants, whether they are invited guests or members of the general audience. All of us involved in educational networking have our own experiences to share, including our successes, failures, and common problems we wish to overcome. We strongly believe that having the audience share their stories will allow everyone to gain new ideas and potential solutions that can be applied within our communities.

    The panel will occur in two sessions:

    1:30-2:45pm - Part I - Creating and sustaining a technology infrastructure that provides regular access to teacher and students.
    3:15-4:30pm - Part II - Making the best use of the technology infrastructure


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