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AIM Lessons/Projects: The Objectives and Process - Assignment Template - Fact Sheet
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10 - How important are our choices? To better understand how important choices are in our lives, read two poems, "The Road Not Taken" and "Richard Cory" and answer the questions ("Road Not Taken" and "Richard Cory) that accompany them.

After you have read the two poems and answer questions about them, write a unified essay of 250+ words, that addresses how the choices we make in our lives can be very crucial. In your essay use ideas from both poems to establish a controlling idea about how important choice is in our lives. Using evidence from each passage, develop your controlling idea and show how the authors use specific literary elements or techniques to convey the importance of our choices.

Keep reading your book
9 - What is the value of an education? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about "A Boy who was Traded for a Horse" by James Saxon Childers. ESSAY: Carver did not allow his circumstances to keep him down. Explain what and how he overcame his circumstances and achieved success. What did you most admire and learn from Carver? 200+ words, double space. Save as carver.doc
    1. Think about: What kind of person is Carver?
    2. How does Carver educate himself?
    3. What does Carver do?
    4. What struggles does Carver have and how does he overcome them?
    5. Was Carver satisfied with himself?

Keep reading your book
8 - What do you fear? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about ""The Pole" by Matthew A Henson

Think about as you read:

What fears do the men have?
What is it like to be on a team?
Keep track of the acts of discrimination.

Essay: Learn more about Henson. Henson spoke of a "hideous horror". Throughout this journey there were many dangers that were or could have been "hideous horrors." Discuss any two of these "hideous horrors" and how they were dealt with by the characters in this story. Be sure to discuss a "hideous horror" of your own in the conclusion to your essay.

Keep reading your book
7 - Hero or Not? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about the biography of Nathan Hale by Nancy Hale. Your essay: Was Nathan Hale a hero? Agree or disagree with this idea in an essay, of 250+ words. Be sure to discuss how you would act in a similar situation. Keep reading your book
6 - Is it easy to stand up for yourself? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about "Why Don't You Wear Shoes" by Daniel K. Inouye.

Incorporate these questions in your essay.

  1. Learn more about Inouye.
  2. How is this story foreshadow who he becomes?
  3. What is the setting of the story?
  4. Who are the main characters?
  5. What are the conflicts?
  6. What are the prejudices in the story?
  7. Why does Daniel stay in school?
  8. What is the big change for Dan?
  9. How does school save his life?
  10. Why is the Honor Society scene so important?
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5 - How do we come to appreciate our parents? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about "Number One Son" by Monfoon Leong
Essay: How do we come to appreciate our parents as Ming did?
250+ words
  1. What did Ming's father do for a living?
  2. Where does Ming work?
  3. How does Ming feel upon learning of his father's death?
  4. Why hadn't Ming's mother called him as soon as his father died?
  5. Why do Ming and Grandfather Choak go to see neighbors and business people?
  6. How do the opinions of Kwon Kim, Mr. Chung, and the Widow Loo contrast with regard to Ming's father?
  7. What are the good and bad points of being the number one son?
  8. Use examples from the story to support your essay.
Keep reading your book
4 - Do we always make the right choice? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya.

Essay: We all have choices to make, Maria is no exception. What are her choices? What is her final choice? Why does she make it? What is your reaction to her final choice? Do you agree or disagree? Have you had to make a choice like this? How does the Hispanic Legend of La Llorona influence this story? Is there any other literature you have read you could include in this essay? Which ones and How? 250+ words, double spaced.

Incorporate these questions in your essay.

  1. What is the setting of the story?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. What are the conflicts?
  4. How is the word "lonely" important?
  5. What are the promises? Are promises important to keep?
  6. How are "empathy" and "envy" important in the story?
  7. What is the symbol in the story?
Keep reading your book
3 - How does Manuel handle his situation as compared to Wright? Read, Study, and Quiz "The Confrontation" by Raymond Barrio. You will write a compare and contrast essay about the two stories, you have read: "The Fight" and "The Confrontation." What is similar? What is different?

Add link on index.html to new file, barrio.html, then create the new file, barrio.html using the Assignment Template to write your essay.

  • Use examples from the stories to support your essay.
  • Read your book.
    2 - How would you handle the situation Wright faced? You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about "THE FIGHT" by RICHARD WRIGHT.

    Essay topic:

  • How does the narrator react to his situation?
  • Do you agree? Explain.
  • How would you react?
  • Has this happened to you or someone you know?
  • Discuss the appropriateness of the narrator's reaction.
  • Use examples from the story to support your essay.
  • What Book are you reading?
    1 - VETY: How good is your vocabulary acquisition? VETY is a program that introduces you to the common Latin and Greek root words, so you can break down those big words we encounter for better comprehension and success.

    We will continue with words in VETY1.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    0 - How can you prepare for the ELA Exam?
  • Begin a class folder.
  • Begin a catalog of literary terms.
  • Begin creating a list of literature you have read using the Fact Sheet
    Include author and title.
    Include names of characters.
    Include a plot and theme.
    Include other key points.
  • Review your lists with what you may have at home and past notes.
    Choose a book you will be reading?