Assignments for Summer 07

Assignments for Summer 2007

AIM Process Homework Assignment
8/13, Monday
1. Vocab 3 & 4
2. Lit Terms: Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Satire, analogy, connotation, denotation, prologue, epilogue.
3. "Nathan Hale," "Poetry of War."
5. Grammar: Verbs.
Read your own poem.
7/27, Friday
1. Vocab 1 & 2
2. Lit Terms: simile, metaphor, personification, foreshadow, flashback, symbol, alliteration, imagery, puns
3. "Here is New York," "The Story of Daedalus and Icarus," "l(a)"
5. Grammar: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs
Book Report
How do I take notes? Choose a short story and start the Fact Sheet.
  1. Define and give examples of Lit terms: simile, metaphor, personification.
  2. Here is New York Do Fact Sheet.
  3. Who are the people White mentions in paragraph two? Do a character sketch of each using Google or Wikipedia. Where is the author?
  4. Define and give examples of Lit terms: symbol, foreshadow, flashback.
  5. You will read, study, take a quiz, and write an essay about the biography of Nathan Hale by Nancy Hale. Your essay: Was Nathan Hale a hero? Agree or disagree with this idea in an essay, (E2.doc), of 200+ words. Be sure to discuss how you would act in a similar situation.
  6. Define and give examples of Lit terms: Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Satire.
Book Report
How do we discuss work? Using the Protocol Book Report
How do I analyze a poem? Poetry Web
  1. Define and give examples of Lit terms: alliteration, imagery, puns.
  2. la
  3. Daedalus and Icarus
  4. Define and give examples of Lit terms: analogy, connotation, denotation, prologue, epilogue.
  5. Poetry of War Label your first project P1.doc and your second project as P2.doc.
Book Report
Where does it come from? Vocabulary
Synonym: Similar meaning
Antonym: Opposite meaning
  1. Friday the 13th Origins
  2. Discover the meanings of these words:
    What is the story behind the word. Find at least 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for each word. Other Dictionaries. Use Google or Wikipedia to find the story of these words.
    V1. stoical, impede, stigma, bowdlerize, herculean, quixotic, cynically, pandemonium, pandering, expedite. Save WORD doc as V1.
    V2. tantalize, labyrinth, machiavellian, laconic, maudlin, galvanize, lethargic, ostracize, gregarious, egregious Save WORD doc as V2.
    V3. mesmerize, martial, erotic, cupidity, philistine, catholic, jeopardize, precarious, foible, forte Save WORD doc as V3.
    V4. odyssey, protean, fiasco, idiosyncrasy, quintessence, rankle, decimate, narcissism, incumbent, succumb Save WORD doc as V4.
Book Report
What are the parts of writing? Grammar Web.
  1. Use Green disk (Program 1) for noun, verb, phrases work to complement Fact Sheet.
  2. Use Green disk (Program 12) for Principal Parts of Verbs.
Book Report
What is good writing? The Essay
  1. July 13: In a double spaced 250 word essay, give four examples with specific detail/example of how "Here is New York" is both relevant(2) and not relevant(2) by today's standards. Consider: Could this essay have been written today? How would you change it? What would you leave the same? Save as E1.doc.
Book Report