Why Would I Want a Webpage
for Me & My Scholars et. al.?

© PHI DELTA KAPPAN Nov 2002 Vol 84, Num 3 p 184

Good Question!!

To promote learning in our scholars we must provide them with the opportunity to learn. The technology allows for this creation of scholars. Bloom comes to mind. First, it provides access to information heretofore accessible only through the better and more expensive textbooks and other media found in a well stocked school library. Secondly, it provides a venue for the scholars to publish their work. The power of publishing is obvious. Thirdly, it provides a way for the scholars to engage in peer review. Fourthly, it provides others, peers, parents, retired teachers, preservice teachers, and those who wanted to be teachers access to the scholars' work. This has helped generate a telementoring program which is beneficial to the scholar. Fifthly, it provides the scholars a way to present themselves to employers and colleges of admission. Sixthly. Seventhly, The Pakistani Scholars.

This is the quick answer. Want the long one? Try this.

A further answer to Why is that we want our scholars to explain what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it.

Perhaps, some numbers will help.

I always like a story.

And finally, I realize I'm not alone in this thinking.

And if you need theory: Theory Into Practice http://tip.psychology.org/ TIP is a tool intended to make learning and instructional theory more accessible to educators. The database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction. These theories can also be accessed by learning domains and concepts.

Why Do I Need a Webpage?

Because it promotes and models good scholarship. Scholarship is our business. Scholarship is making one's work public, engaging in peer review, and passing it on. This act is unfortunately done only at the end of an academic career and not by all in the PhD program. Why not introduce this idea of scholarship earlier, say first grade? Webpages make our work public and our students' work public. Why would we want to do that? Because it helps us in the fight to show how "Authentic Assessment" can be done and how it is better than high stakes tests. Once the work is public our student-scholars can engage in Peer Review. And finally in the spirit of good scholarship, the work is passed on for others to use.

So with this in mind, that is why we need a webpage: To model for our scholars and to provide our colleagues with resources. It will be our way of showing the right people how we in the Alternative HS of NYC can provide better assessment: Authentic Assessment at its best. The webpage is the key to successful and effective Authentic Assessment.