Project #5

Project:# 5 Cyber Biographies

You are going to begin a project on Cyber biographies. These biographies will be of people who have had or have an influence on cyberspace. Get acquainted with some of these people from the files below.

Look to 10 Characteristics of achieving personality to help you keep track of the important info you gather.

What is a Biography?

  • When you do this biography, consider writing to the person and ask about his/her high school experience. Ask things like where, favorite subjects, particular memories, and other matters of importance. Go here to find email addresses or here.
  • Include what effect this person has had on you.

    1. Ted Nelson
    2. 20 VIP's of Cyber space.
    3. ABC News has compiled brief sketches of some of the world's most central figures - today's newsmakers. Learn "their origins and how they reached their level of influence, as well as their accomplishments, their controversies, even their downfalls. For each person you'll find photographs, birthdate and place and education, along with quotes from and about the person.
    4. More Biographies with email addresses
    5. Biography Find
    6. Guru Page Collection of VIPS
    7. Notorious Characters in Cyber space.
    8. Hacker Folklore an essay with good bibliography.
    9. Intersting People on the Net compiled by Dr Amnon Till Beit Berl College and Talpiot College.
    10. Mitnick in jail
    11. Father of Shareware Jim Knopf
    12. MEME archives look for interviews with people.
    13. Stallman interview from MEME
    14. Taylor an interview. ELM, EMbot.
    15. How I got started in Computers
    16. Kevin Poulsen's Space
    17. Ivan E Sutherland or Search type Ivan Sutherland in search dialogue box and press Enter.

    Notable Dead folks

    Explorers of the World a Bellingham School WWW page provides online links to some great people.

    Use AltaVista to start your search of these folks!

    As you read these articles you will do further research using a search engine on: one of the people discussed by searching the Internet for more information. Keep track of successful links for the paper you will write. Your essay will be about this person based on the research you have done using a search engine.

    Writing your Cyber Biography on the Internet.

  • Avalon Project @ Yale
  • Biography Project
  • National Biography Dictionary

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