Project #36: Shakespeare's The Tempest

Project:#36: Shakespeare's The Tempest

You will be reading The Tempest:

Select The Tempest at MIT.
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Couple with Forgotten Founders
Writing prompt: Hubris
Words: art, schoolmaster

Writing Assignments

For Act I, describe Prospero. Who is he? What is he? How does he relate to others? What is his story? Be sure to use quotes from the play to support your ideas. As you discuss the character of Prospero consider how Prospero addresses: Miranda, Ariel, Caliban. As you ponder Prospero consider the word: art. To learn about characterization.

Continue to collect data about Prospero as we read the play. Consider the matter of characterization as you study Prospero. Another source will be a discussion by Shakespeare Scholars on the The Tempest. You will be writing a hypertext essay on Prospero. Be sure to make references to the scholars, and use plenty of quotes from the play to support your conjectures and opinions about Prospero.

The structure of the hypertext essay will start with an introductory file called prospero.html and will serve as the starting point for your continued hypertext essay with links to the supporting files: essays of support, quotes, AWAD, and more. The entire project could end up being 20+ files large.

The Tempest seems to me to be the most appropriate Shakespeare play to teach in hyperspace and to use for scholars about to embark on their own journey into "this brave new world."

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