Education and Community: The collective wisdom
of teachers, parents, and members of our community.


I think it is safe to say that "the gathering forces of pedagogy have made the politics of education the most important politics of the country." (Mann, Draft, p 206) We have a national agenda, (Clinton, Riley) as was asked for. (Cuban, 1993) Popular control is not new to education. (Hochschild, 1984) Picking up from the civil rights groups the new populist movement is keying in on education. It is fitting that the community take up the cause of community involvement in education. The logistical complications of involving community in education was unsurmountable. However, as we begin to harness the power of computers and the Internet, education has found a way to let the community into the schools without creating a quagmire. Utilizing the human resources of the country, the world, educators can now provide all knowledge to their students. The community can be involved in the education of its people. Values of the community can be passed on. Pedagogy will not be compromised, it will be enhanced. The politics will continue, but behind the scenes. Policy making will be open and based on the involvement of the community.

The preliminary work I have done merely sets a strong foundation for further study. Some questions were answered and more questions were raised or discovered, which further study. As a first step, I am pleased with the outcomes and see ways to improve this research study.

I have consciously left the matter of actual physical connectivity out of the discussion. On this matter, we must rely upon the local community to provide this aspect. The question of equity is becoming moot as communities use NetDay activities to wire schools and as school boards allocate money more needed hardware and as technology becomes more prevalent in our schools and homes. Rather than concentrate on the actual access question, I chose to concentrate on the use question. By providing data on how to use the Internet and telementoring, I could provide a strong argument fore wiring and investing in hardware. But then because this is a national challenge, I would expect communities to ante up.

In my research a couple of questions addressed the matter of equity of access.

Finally, many of the references used in this paper can be further explored at the telementoring web. There are references to many telementoring projects not mentioned in this paper but are worth reading to see the potential of telementoring. This web site provides links to the topic of telementoring which may be found on the Internet or at a local library.


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