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AIM Lessons/Projects: The Objectives and Process - The WALT & WILF
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9 - Who are YOU?
"Who are YOU?" said the Caterpillar.
This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, "I--I hardly know, sir, just at present-- at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."
(Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 5)

Create a link on your main.html page to iam.html.


Okay, so you know that you are a genius. Problem is not too many other people know this. You have to show them you are a genius. You are lucky. You can access a very interesting explanation with examples of how to identify a genius. If you know how to identify a genius, you might be able to identify the genius in you and then you can let us all know.

After you have read "Awakening Genius" two or three times, select TWO of the qualities to use to help explain how you are a genius. Provide two examples from your life that demonstrate this genius quality. Let one example be about any time when you were in school and one in your life outside school that shows this quality of genius was clearly reflective of you.

As a conclusion to this project, include an "I am" poem in this project. Use some of these examples for inspiration and the template if you wish.

  • I am poetry
  • I am from Poem
  • Some I am prompts.
  • Template for "I am" Poem.

  • Keep working on your webpages.
    8 - Do you make good choices?

    Know the difference among:

    Hamlet III,i Shakespeare

    Create a link on your main.html page to choice.html.


    Begin your essay with these quiding points:
    We make choices all the time. We hope we make good choices. We will look at some literature that shows us choices characters make. You will be assessing those choices. What choices has the author made? What choices have you made? What is the process we go through when we make choices? Are you happy with your choices?

    Next you will read this poem: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

    1. Do the work found on this site: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.
    2. Listen to the poem.
    3. Answer all questions as you listen to the poem.
    4. Use the poem to further your discussion about choice.

    Before you read a short story, read the Hispanic Legend of La Llorona which is the influence for the short story. Now you will read the short story, "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya. In your choice.html essay: We all have choices to make, Maria is no exception. What are her choices? What is your reaction to her final choice? Do you agree or disagree? Have you had to make a choice like this?

    Incorporate these questions in your essay.

    1. Explain how the Legend influenced the short story.
    2. What is the setting of the story?
    3. Who are the main characters?
    4. What are the conflicts?
    5. How is the word "lonely" important?
    6. What are the promises? Are promises important to keep?
    7. How are "empathy" and "envy" important in the story?
    8. What is the symbol in the story?

    Next you will read an essay The Tyranny of Choice [USE: http://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bschwar1/Sci.Amer.pdf] by Barry Schwartz. Consider these questions as you read and add to your essay on choice.

    1. Is there a connection between choice and our happiness?
    2. Are we happy with having choice? Are we happy with the choices we make?
    3. Are you a "maximizer" or a "satisficer"?
    4. What can "regret" do to our choices?
    5. What does "adapting" to our choice mean?
    6. Do we have high expectations before we make a choice?
    7. What is the effect of our high expectations?

    Select a cartoon to illustrate your essay. Be sure to explain the meaning of the cartoon as it relates to choice.

    Provide a good conclusion about choice that connects what you have read and your own choices.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    7 - What is a metaphor? Add a link on main.html to metaphor.html called "Metaphor"


    In the metaphor.html file create a hypertext, multimedia essay/presentation that demonstrates your understanding of the metaphor. First define the metaphor. Use examples from the Metaphor page to help you do this. Use the first seven lines of the classic poem: "April is the cruellest month," and discuss how this is a metaphor.

    Second Be sure to use Dylan Thomas' THE FORCE THAT THROUGH THE GREEN FUSE DRIVES THE FLOWER poem and discuss the metaphors in it. Read this essay to serve as a model of how you should write an essay.

    Third, use Robert Herrick's poem and discuss the metaphors in it.

    Fourth, Emily Dickenson's poems are loaded with metaphors. Use three of her poems and discuss the metaphors in them.

    Have fun with the fifth step and this ee cummings ditty:



      e e cummings

    Explain how the above poem is a metaphor. Hint: click on the white dot and scroll down as you answer each question.

    Conclude with a discussion about the metaphor, of how metaphors work in your life, and what metaphor would apply to you.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    6 - What is Irony? On your main.html page, add a link to a new file called irony.html.
    Use the Assignment Page code to paste into the new file irony.html.

    THIS PROJECT IS DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2011 (this is not a joke)

    First, in this new file you will define Irony. Discuss how Irony has existed in your life, where you have observed it, and if it is part of your life.

    Second, we will read Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson and discuss it as an example of irony. Be sure to provide specific examples from the poem to defend your comments. Use this Poetry Fact Sheet to keep notes on the poem.

    Third, you will read a short story and discuss how irony is important in it. Be sure to provide specific examples from the short story to support your comments. Use this Fiction Fact Sheet to keep notes on the short story. Select one of these short stories. Maybe the one you want to read can be read to you on Librivox.

    1. Lamb to the Slaughter BY ROALD DAHL
    2. The Monkey's Paw BY W. W. JACOBS
    3. The Most Dangerous Game BY RICHARD CONNELL
    4. The Gift of the Magi BY O. HENRY
    5. The Necklace BY GUY de MAUPASSANT

    Fourth, discuss the irony in The House that Slaves Built by Gardiner Harris.

    Fifth, select a cartoon or from here and include it on the irony.html page. Be sure to include the reason the cartoon is ironic.

    Conclude with a good discussion of irony. Review the definition of irony, include a brief reference to the irony of the work you read for this essay, and when irony has been part of your life. Finally include how the current situation in Japan or from THIS article may be considered ironic as well as tragic.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    5 - Is My HomePage Presentable? Be sure your main.html page (HomePage), linear.html, and democracy.html are presentable.
  • Be sure Links are explained.
  • Have you added color and personalized your Home?
  • Be sure to have links to your sources in linear.html and democracy.html and be sure to add graphics.
  • Keep working on your webpages.
    4 - How is democracy happening around the world?

    Add link on main.html and create new file democracy.html, USE Assignment Page Template.
    Use the questions below to guide you in your writing.


    You can't open a newspaper or turn on the television or speak to anyone and not be part of the conversation about what is happening in the Mideast, concentrating on Egypt, and the revolutions that are happening. The push is for democracy by the people in countries that are run by tyrants, dictators, or autocrats. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and others will be a great study in the evolution of democracy. We want to follow the process and express our opinions on what we see and what we expect to see based on our research. Two elements that keep dominating the conversation are technology and the youth. Focus on these two elements as you do your research and construct your hypertext essay. What are the qualities of the youth that make them different from their elders? What drives the youth as they revolt in the streets?

  • TimeLine of the revolution from ALJAZEERA
  • TimeLine of Revolution from Reuters
  • More historical context of Egypt
  • Postcard from Egypt Rebellion

    You will be writing an essay about the events that are happening in the Mideast about the topic of democracy as influenced by technology and the youth. You will use the first hand accounts of Wendell Steavenson as he reports on the events of Tahrir Square in Cairo. Read 3-4 of his entries.

    Do a Google search for "democracy and egypt" or any search query like "democracy in Mideast" to see the latest conversations and articles on the topic and summarize what you read and express your opinion on the whole situation in Egypt and the Mideast. The Egyptian Al-Ahram paper will provide good information. ALJAZEERA would be a good source, too. Be very conscious of the point of view from which the author of each article is writing. The poitical, religious, cultural bias of that writer may be influencing the ideas expressed in the article you read. Keep track of the URL's of the articles so you can link to them.

    View some of these Political Cartoons. Use one in your essay and explain it.

    Your essay should express your opinion about democracy in the Mideast, especially Egypt, focusing on technology and the youth. Will Egypt be a good model for other countries conducting their own people's revolutions? As you write your opinion piece on democracy developing in countries without democracy, define democracy and be sure to make links to the articles you have read. You should read at least FOUR articles of your choice from Steavenson, articles found in your Google search, Al-Ahram, or AlJazeera.

    Listen to an organizer on Brian Lehrer Show.

  • Keep working on your webpages.
    3 - What is 'linear text'? Add link on main.html and create new file linear.html, USE Assignment Page Template.
    Use the questions below to guide you in your writing.


    1. Please watch this short video, MORE THAN ONCE!

    What is this video all about?
    Collect details and application names.
    What is the content of the video?
    Examine the presentation format. What do you recognize in the video?
    What is Form? What is Content?
    What does it mean when it speaks about Form and Content?
    How are we in control and not the machine?
    What do the words after "Rethink" mean? Look them up.
    How is writing evolving?

    Use the pause button to take notes, move the moving button back to review what you just saw, watch it more than once.

    2. Read this article about Rethinking School. What information in this article can be used in your essay?

    3. Interview someone over 50 and ask that person questions about how he/she has had to "RETHINK" the way he/she does things. For example consider, but don't limit yourself to these ideas: banking, government, business, communication, cars, personal things this person has had to RETHINK and relearn.

    4. New Thinking How does this video address idea of rethinking?

    Your essay (linear.html) should discuss how the digital world is changing writing, thinking, reading, learning, rethinking schools, and your life as you discovered from the video, the article, and the interview. Include a discussion of what we need to "rethink," and how form and content are more connected in the digital world of writing and reading. What are some examples of how we have RETHOUGHT our lives as reflected in current events?

    Keep working on your webpages.
    2 - VETY: How good is your vocabulary acquisition? VETY is a program that introduces you to the common Latin and Greek root words, so you can break down those big words we encounter for better comprehension and success.

    We will continue with words in VETY13.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    1 - Do you have a web presence? Create your Freeweb account.
    1. Go to FreeWebPage
    2. Or 0catch
    3. Sign up following Ted's instructions.
    4. Use the sheet from Ted to make your webpage.
    5. Decorate page Make corrections as per Ted's directions for your pages.
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    AIM Lessons/Projects: The Objectives and Process - The WALT & WILF
    Assignment Template
    Assignments: [1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 ]
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