Creating the Cyber School

Creating the Cyber School:

Morphing from the Traditional Classroom to the Cyber Classroom

This page represents the Professional Development work done from 2000-2003, for the now defunct Alternative HS of NYC. During that time, I was involved in the PD for teachers in 71 schools all over NYC. We provided workshops after school in our offices and at some school sites. In addition my days were spent in the schools of those teachers interested in integrating technology into their classrooms. This is their story and links to what we did.

Workshop Courses: Course 1, Course 2

Resources: ARCHIVE
  • The Cybrary - PD - Read!
  • CyberEnglish
  • Assessment - NYState Standards and Regents Prep

  • contact Ted Nellen, Cybrarian
  • Assignments:
  • Why
  • Essential Questions
  • Metaphor - Habits of Mind
  • How do I do this in HTML
  • Learn about the WebQuest