Online Assessment and Reflective Practice

CW2K Conference

May 25-28 @ TWU
FtWorth, TX

Title: Online Assessment and Reflective Practice
Ted Nellen

DESCRIPTION: The next phase of integrating the Internet into the classrooms is how to assess the work of the scholars in light of the increased emphasis on raising standards and achieving them. In this workshop, participants will explore certain methods of assessment: webfolio, peer review, and rubrics as practiced by us in Cyber English classes at Murry Bergtraum HS.

We have standards and all agree that we should have standards. However, we do not agree on how to do the assessment. Currently the high stakes tests dominate the educational landscape. There are good alternatives and I'd like to show you one. I borrow the idea from the classic model of scholarship the PhD. The premise to this program is three pronged: make it public, peer review, and pass it on. All PhD candidates must publish their work; they must go through a peer review process; and they must pass their work on for others to use. My question is why do we have to wait till then, the PhD process to begin scholarship? Why not start in fifth grade? In this way the high stakes tests need not be the only assessment we use and they don't need to be high stakes either. We need to use both tests and the webfolio for assessment.


Getting Started
Some Basics
The Acts:
The Webfolio
Peer Review & Rubrics
My Carnegie work on Assessment.

Ted Nellen
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