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Computers and the Classroom:
Turning Possibilities
Into Reality

Creating the Student Scholar:
The Age of Interactivity

WM12 Monday, Nov 22 9:00-4:30

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The 'net is for more than harvesting. As you morph from teacher to cybrarian help your students become scholars.

  • Becoming a Cybrarian
  • Creating the Student Scholar:
  • The Webfolio
    Evaluating Internet Resources
    Proper use of the Internet in the classroom
  • Peer review and telementoring
  • How to pass it on.
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Cyber English

    Realizing the idea: "It takes a village to raise a child" is made possible through the interactive capabilities of the Internet. When used correctly and early, we can help our students learn how to defend their work and how to become student scholars very early. I believe this to be a far better method of assessment then the current form being used in American schools as produced from the Governor's Conference of 1996. Student scholars engaged in authentic assessment will make for a better society.

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    Bill Condon spoke of the Age of Interactivity in his keynote at Ball State University Institute for Teaching with Computers, August 4-7, 1999