World Wide Web As a Production/Publishing Space


Ted Nellen

1. Why use the web in an English classroom. K-99

  • Publishing
  • gives the students a larger audience of more than one or a class.
  • allows for creativity
  • augments traditional English instruction.
      • reading
      • writing
      • listening
      • speaking
      • technology
  • enhances attention to detail
  • access to resources

2. Matters of Ethics and Copyright.

3. Morphing into a Cybrarian

Ted Nellen has been teaching high school English since 1974, began using computers in his English class in 1983, and created Cyber English in 1994. Ted is on the editorial staff of Kairos, an online peer-reviewed webzine. He is on the Executive Committee of NCTE's Assembly on Computers in English, co-chair of NCTE Committee on Teacher and Student Use of Electronic Online Communications, and a member of NCTE Instructional Technology Committee.