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Our Charge:

Detroit NCTE 9/97
Detroit Notes from Dawn.
Detroit Notes from Paul.


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  • New Bills Modulate Information Copying and Sharing Andy Oram.
  • McCain's school filtering legislature
  • Am I a Crook?
  • Censorship in the Carbondale Public Library

    Readings from Denise Johnson

    1. Technology Literacy White Paper (1995)
    2. NII Requirements for Education & Training (1994)
    3. Vision:TEST (Technology-Enriched Schools of Tomorrow) (1992)
      Two publications that I thought might be helpful to the committee:
      • Report to the President on the Use of Technology to Strengthen K-12 Education in the United States, published in March 97 and written by the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology and the Panel on Education Technology.

      • Technology and the New Professional Teacher: Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom (1997) written by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    From Dawn:
    To get our committee together, I'd like to use Netforum to have people post their statements, and then use the reply function to organize reactions. Netforum works best for structured purposes like this, I think, so as long as I have access to it, I'd like to try using it for this purpose. Please go to this
    URL to access the Forum.

    Committee Members:
    Dawn Rodrigues, Chairperson
    Ted Nellen, Cybrarian
    Paul Becker
    Ruth Dishman
    Denise Johnson
    Deborah Little
    Martha Merrill
    James Strickland
    Robert Yagelski