Lessons/Projects for Fall 09-10 Technical Writing

Lessons/Projects for Fall 09-10
Technical Writing

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AIM Lessons/Projects: The Objectives and Process - Assignment Template
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Next Steps
12 - What quote of the day would you put on your homepage? Quotes serve a valuable way for the writer to seque the reader into new text. You have seen many quotes on ToDaY's MeNu. Now it is your turn to add a quote to your page. Wander through the previous Quotes of the day (ToDaY's MeNu) or other quotation sites. Select one you like and find an important one for you. Place the whole quote on your homepage index.html/main.html in a prominant place. Then provide a link to a new file you create named: quote.html and explain the quote and its importance to you.

An example can be found on ToDaY's MeNu: Imitation is Suicide.

Keep working on your webpages.
11 - What is satire? Add link on main.html/index.html to the new file, satire.html

You will be exploring satire for the next couple of weeks. Your project will be to create a webpage that demonstrates your learning. You will research the definition of the word satire and then read some documents that display satire.

  • You will identify the satirical points of each reading and provide the example you are commenting on.
  • What is being satirized?
  • How is it being satirized?
  • What kind of change is expected?
  • Provide at least three examples of satire from each reading.
  • Link them to each other.
  • Bring personal experiences to this essay.
  • Start with Mali's article and three articles from Onion.

    What is being satirized in Taylor Mali's "The impotence of proofreading"? How does he do it?

    Let's continue by reading Onion. Choose the first article in the left corner. What is your reaction? Why? Your answers will help you understand satire.

    Our third reading will be "Advice to Youth" written in 1882 by Mark Twain. Use this worksheet to guide your reading, thinking, and writing about this satirical speech.

    Read the articles in NewsHoggers then select one to discuss how it is satirical.

    Add a cartoon or do a Google search for "satire cartoon" to your essay and explain the satire in the cartoon.

    Provide a good conclusion tothis essay.

  • A Shout Out
    Keep working on your webpages.
    10 - What does "Believe none of what you hear
    and half of what you see" mean?
    Benjamin Franklin

    investigate, trust but verify

  • Add a link on your index.html or main.html page to wiki.html.
  • Use the Assignment Template.
  • Make links in your essay to this assignment and other resources you use.

    Explain how the above quote applies to the articles below. First, analyze the quote above by explaining what it means. Second, read the articles below and explain what you discover about resources on the Internet. Third, apply the meaning of the quote to the articles in an essay you name wiki.html. Fourth, conclude with a discussion of how you receive information and from what source; be it the Internet, the newspaper, magazine, television, or people; so as to inform yourself more clearly. You want to discuss the concept of perspective or point of view, of both sides of an issue, and of using multiple sources. Provide examples from your own life's experiences that help support your arguments.

    Read these articles below and investigate:

    1. Read this article A false Wikipedia 'biography' an Op-Ed by John Seigenthaler.
    2. Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar from The New York Times. ACCORDING to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, John Seigenthaler Sr. is 78 years old and the former editor of The Tennessean in Nashville. But is that information, or anything else in Mr. Seigenthaler's biography, true?
    3. Online encyclopedia tightens rules
    4. Is an Online Encyclopedia, Such as Wikipedia, Immune From Libel Suits? Under Current Law, the Answer Is Most Likely Yes, But that Law Should Change
    5. Wikipedia author: false entry was joke
    6. Wikipedia controversy Main article: John Seigenthaler Sr. Wikipedia biography controversy
    7. View this Video to further your argument/discussion.
    8. Internet encyclopaedias go head to head Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia comes close to Britannica in terms of the accuracy of its science entries, a Nature investigation finds.
      A response to the above article.
    9. Nature mag cooked Wikipedia study
    10. Podcast47: In Defense of Encyclopedia Britannica read the articles on this page. The podcast is gone.
    11. Students Expose Sex Offender Through Wikipedia Research
    12. Wikipedia Blocks School's Editing Privileges Due to Vandalism
    13. Can Wikipedia conquer expertise? by STACY SCHIFF in NEW YORKER Issue of 2006-07-31
    14. "The Hive" Marshall Poe in Sept 2006 The Atlantic. Can thousands of Wikipedians be wrong? How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history's biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge.
    15. Seeing Corporate Fingerprints in Wikipedia Edits By KATIE HAFNER Published: August 19, 2007 Last year a Wikipedia visitor edited the entry for the SeaWorld theme parks to change all mentions of “orcas” to “killer whales,” insisting that this was a more accurate name for the species.
    16. Wikipedia Tries Approval System July 17, 2008, Bits
    17. Video about Conservapedia.
    18. Do a Google search for "Conservapedia" and explore the search results to discuss what you have learned about this encyclopedia.
  • Keep working on your webpages.
    9 - What are your favorite things? Add a link on index.html/main.html to a new file called faves.html (USE Assignment Template), label the link, My Favorite Things.

    Try Elastic Mind for fun.

    What is your favorite...?
    tv show?
    your favorite place on earth?
    .. well you get the idea. Add more.

    Be sure to:

  • Explain a bit of why these are your favorite things.
  • Add links to some websites that show us more about your favorite things.
  • Use color, graphics, and other media to illustrate and depict your personality and to complement your favorite things.
  • Use the HTML link to help with the editing.
  • Keep working on your webpages.
    8 - What is the Haiku?

    Hypertext Haiku

    Add link on index.html/main.html to the new file, haiku.html

    You will be writing five Haiku and converting them into Hypertext Haiku.
    Read this page. to learn more about Hypertext Haiku.

  • What is going on with this page?
  • Can you explain how it works?
  • How would you make your own?
    HINT: Use View, page Source.

    Use handouts One & Two from Ted to begin your project.

    You will be creating 6 new files: five for each of the five haiku (h1.html, h2.html...)you write and one for the first page that links to all the haiku.

  • Anthony Macias
  • Dekia Alston
  • Edwin Diaz
  • Francis DelaCruz
  • Hector Salcedo
  • Hezekieh Petersen
  • Isaiah Stewart
  • Jessica Bero
  • Joel Medina
  • Joselyn Torres
  • Lakeba Outley
  • Nelson Gutierrez
  • Obby Vargas
  • Raphael Esteves
  • Scarlen Santana
  • Seneya Nixon
  • Shaira Rodriguez
  • Shema Thompson
  • Tyquann Thompson
  • Xavier Medina
  • Write five haiku.
    Keep working on your webpages.
    7 - What is 'linear text'? Add link on index.html and create new file linear.html, USE Assignment Page Template.
    Use the questions below to guide you in your writing.

    Please watch this short video, MORE THAN ONCE!

    What is this video all about? (Think Change)
    Collect details and application names.
    What is the content of the video?
    Examine the presentation format. What do you recognize in the video?
    What is Form? What is Content?
    What is the difference between Form and Content?
    How are we in control and not the machine?
    What do the words after "Rethink" mean?
    How is writing evolving?

    Use the pause button to take notes, move the moving button back to review what you just saw, watch it more than once.

    Read this article about Rethinking School. What information in this article can be used in your essay?

    Use this Video to help rethink schools.

    Use this Video to help rethink schools.

    Your essay (linear.html) should discuss how the digital world is changing writing, thinking, reading, learning, rethinking schools, and your life as you discovered from the video and the article. Include a discussion of what we need to "rethink," and how form and content are more connected in the digital world of writing and reading.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    6 - Do you make good choices? TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION.
    Hamlet III,i Shakespeare

    Create a link on your main.html page to choice.html.

    Begin your essay with these quiding points:
    We make choices all the time. We hope we make good choices. We will look at some literature that shows us choices characters make. You will be assessing those choices. What choices has the author made? What choices have you made? What is the process we go through when we make choices? Are you happy with your choices?

    Next you will read this poem: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

    1. Do the work found on this
    2. Listen to the poem.
    3. Answer all questions as you listen to the poem.
    4. Use the poem to further your discussion about choice.

    You will read the short story, "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya.

    In your choice.html essay: We all have choices to make, Maria is no exception. What are her choices? What is your reaction to her final choice? Do you agree or disagree? Have you had to make a choice like this?

    Incorporate these questions in your essay.

    1. What is the setting of the story?
    2. Who are the main characters?
    3. What are the conflicts?
    4. How is the word "lonely" important?
    5. What are the promises? Are promises important to keep?
    6. How are "empathy" and "envy" important in the story?
    7. What is the symbol in the story?

    You will read the short story, "Why Don't You Wear Shoes" by Daniel K. Inouye.

    In your choice.html essay: Here is another character faced with a choice. What is his choice? How does it come to happen? What are his options? What is your opinion of his actions? How do you identify with this situation?

    Incorporate these questions in your essay.

    1. Who is Daniel K. Inouye?
    2. What is the setting of the story?
    3. Who are the main characters?
    4. What are the conflicts?
    5. What are the prejudices in the story?
    6. Why does Daniel stay in school?
    7. What is the big change for Dan?
    8. How does school save his life?
    9. Why is the Honor Society scene so important?
    10. What is the symbol in the story?
    Next you will read an essay The Tyrany of Choice [USE: http://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bschwar1/Sci.Amer.pdf] by Barry Schwartz. Consider these questions as you read and add to your essay on choice.

    1. Is there a connection between choice and our happiness?
    2. Are we happy with having choice? Are we happy with the choices we make?
    3. Are you a "maximizer" or a "satisficer"?
    4. What can "regret" do to our choices?
    5. What does "adapting" to our choice mean?
    6. Do we have high expectations before we make a choice?
    7. What is the effect of our high expectations?

    Select a cartoon to illustrate your essay. Be sure to explain the meaning of the cartoon as it relates to choice.

    Provide a good conclusion about choice that connects what you have read and your own choices.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    5 - What is Irony? On your index.html page, add a link to a new file called irony.html.
    Use the Assignment Page code to paste into the new file irony.html.

    First, in this new file you will define Irony. Discuss how Irony has existed in your life, where you have observed it, and if it is part of your life.

    Second, we will read Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson and discuss it as an example of irony. Be sure to provide specific examples from the poem to defend your comments. Use this Poetry Fact Sheet to keep notes on the poem.

    Third, you will read a short story and discuss how irony is important in it. Be sure to provide specific examples from the short story to support your comments. Use this Fiction Fact Sheet to keep notes on the short story. Select one of these short stories. Maybe the one you want to read can be read to you on Librivox.

    1. Lamb to the Slaughter BY ROALD DAHL
    2. The Monkey's Paw BY W. W. JACOBS
    3. The Most Dangerous Game BY RICHARD CONNELL
    4. The Gift of the Magi BY O. HENRY
    5. The Necklace BY GUY de MAUPASSANT

    Fourth, discuss the irony in The House that Slaves Built by Gardiner Harris.

    Fifth, select a cartoon and include it on the irony.html page. Be sure to include the reason the cartoon is ironic.

    Conclude with a good discussion of irony.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    4 - How am I a Genius? Add link on index.html in My Work section and create new file genius.html, USE Assignment Page Template.

    Okay, so you know that you are a genius. Problem is not too many other people know this. You have to show them you are a genius. You are lucky. You can access a very interesting explanation with examples of how to identify a genius. If you know how to identify a genius, you might be able to identify the genius in you and then you can let us all know.

    After you have read "Awakening Genius" two or three times, select one of the qualities to use to help explain how you are a genius. Provide two examples from your life that demonstrate your genius. Let one example be about any time when you were in school and one in your life outside school that shows this quality of genius was clearly reflective of you.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    3 - How am I doing so far? Be sure:
  • Give a description to My Plan on index.html file.
  • Link to assignment in myplan.html file.
  • Use graphics and color.
  • Add link to your "passion" file on index.html
  • Keep working on your webpages.
    2 - How was The President's Education Speech inspiring to you? Add link on index.html in My Work section and create new file myplan.html, USE Assignment Page Template.

    Listen to The President's Education Speech below and Read it.
    Select two points he makes about how you will take his words and charge to heart and follow them for this school year and beyond. Explain these remarks and explain how you will follow them, what will you need to do, and how will you do it.

    Keep working on your webpages.
    1 - Do you have a web presence? Create your Freeweb account.
    1. Go to FreeWebPage
    2. Sign up following Ted's instructions.
    3. Use the sheet from Ted to make your webpage.
    4. Decorate page Make corrections as per Ted's directions for your pages.
    Login from home to see your webpage