Assignments Summer 08 Technical Writing

Assignments for Summer 08
Technical Writing

July 1 - Aug 14

AIM July 1 at bottom Process OUR BLOG Homework Assignment
How did I do and what do I think of my blog? Self assessment. In your final blog post - Self Assessment - discuss your experience with the blog. How did you do? Use references to your own blog posts to support your comments. Be sure to use the "Habits of Mind" as a reference point in this blog. What did you like? not like? Did you enjoy the process of the blog? Which blog posts are you most proud of? Which blog posts aren't you proud of? What grade do you think you have earned in this class based on the assignments and your blog? What will you do with this blog, now that the class is over? Are you proud, happy about your blog? Work on your Blog.
Why should we be careful with what we publish on the Internet in a public space? For your next blog, Busted, Read: Web networking photos come back to bite defendants and Teenagers Misbehaving, for All Online to Watch. Find a third article through Google that tells the same story that these two do. Using these three stories, explain in your blog how these people made their actions public, what they did wrong, and why one should be careful about what one publishes on the Internet in a blog, my space, facebook, or any other public place. Be sure to provide graphics, to illustrate your points. Work on your blog
What is satire? Use this Worksheet as you read this article by Mark Twain. Your next blog: Satire.

What is satire?
Why is this piece satirical?
What message is Twain trying to deliver to the youth?
How does satire work to deliver his message?
Is this a successful piece?
What did you learn?
Find a satrical graphic to use to accompany this blog.
Select an article from The Onion to show more satire.

Work on your Blog.
What makes a good liar? In a new Blog: What Makes a Good Liar Read the essay, poem, and quote on this LINK

What do the authors of the essay, poem, and quote say about lying?
What are the consequences of lies?
How are they similar, different?

Work on your Blog
Why do we lie? Go HERE for your next Blog assignment.

Work on your Blog.
What are Alternative Energies? Al Gore spoke about Alternative Energies in his speech. For your next blog: Alternative Energies do some research to discover these alternative energies and discuss them on your blog.

Your research should focus on four points:

1. What is the science behind this type of energy? How does it work?
2. How has this type of energy been used elsewhere in the United States and/or around the world?
3. How much would it cost to provide this type of energy? What would the cost be to consumers?
4. What are the potential positive or negative effects on the environment?

Green College

Green Conference in Isreal

Work on your Blog.
What is your reaction to the Al Gore speech of July 17, 2008?
I heard, I noticed, I wondered.
Listen to the Al Gore speech.
Use these questions to guide you. Copy and paste them into Word and answer them as you listen.
Your next Blog called "Gore's Challenge" will discuss the speech, your reaction to the speech, and what you can do to meet his challenge.
Use graphics and link to the speech.
Work on your Blog.
Think about what you can do to help meet Al Gore's challenge.
How am I really doing? Conferencing Work on your blog.
How am I doing? Blogs will be reviewed for a grade, TODAY!
The assessment will be based on your completion of the assignments, addressing my comments about your blogs, and your thoughtful comments on your classmate's blogs.
Work on your Blog
What can a good quote do? Quotes are all around us. We hear people use them in speeches, we see them in ads, we use them to explain our own actions. For your next Blog post, you will examine the following quote by Ben Franklin, and explain what it means and then provide an example from your life that illustrates the meaning of the quote. Then you will select a quote of your own from any source (use Google to search for quotes), and explain what the quote means and why it is important to you in your life as a way you act or provide an illustration from your life that helps define the quote.

"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."
Benjamin Franklin

Use a graphic or two to help illustrate your words.

Work on your Blog.
What do you think? For your next Blog entry: NYC Schools, discuss your reaction to this article from the NYTimes about the NYC schools. Use these questions to guide you.
Link to it and mention author and title of the article in your Blog.
Be guided by: I heard, I noticed, I wondered
What does the article say?
Do you agree?
Use your school experience to guide you.
Did you do the survey?
Are you satisfied with your education?
How could it be improved?
Include other ideas, opinions about the NYC schools.
Include graphics.
Work on your Blog
How do I edit my Blog?
What do I think of my classmates' Blogs?
Link to I am Poem assignment.
Link to Habits of Mind.
Link to Music sources and media.
Comment on all class blogs.
Work on Blog
What's your opinion about music? In a new blog post speak about music. Do some research and include links to the sites you use. Be creative, use graphics, music links. Work on Blog
How do I stay safe on the Internet? Edit poems.
Review our Blogs and the settings.
Peer Review
Habits of Mind
Add another entry to your blog:
Tell us about the Habits of Mind and select one to tell us about in detail and show us how it relates to you, text to self. 100+words.
Do you have a web presence? Create a Gmail account
Create a GOOGLE account with your new Gmail account.
Begin your Blog with your I am poem.
Continue working on your Blog.
Who I am. Write the I am poem and share it with the class. Keep notes on what others say for your account of the class.
Use Literary Terms as a resource. Onomatopoeia, Oxymoron
Write about what you hope to accomplish this summer.