Teaching to
The New York Standards
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Links: These are very basic links to key sites pertaining to the Standards.


  • NYState DOE
  • NYState Learning Standards
  • New York Standards link page.
  • New York City Standards link page.
  • Achieve Standards Database The database is organized according to the structure developed by McREL and presented in Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education
  • Teacher Universe Standards Locator.
  • Links to The Standards


  • NYState Technology Plans This web site is an attempt to create an "archive" of lesson plans, ideas, suggestions, etc. which meet both of the criteria: The lessons must incorporate the use of technology & The lessons must address specific New York State Learning Standards.
  • Florida's Sunshine State Standards It connects standard benchmarks to on-line lesson plans. By word of mouth, its use is steadily spreading across the state, and the university used this site often to highlight community services that it is doing. Grad assistants add a couple hundred more lesson plans to the database every term. And, the lesson plans gleaned from assignements FGCU's faculty assign in their classes can be added to the database whenever. I also have been approaching ed. software venders saying - " give me some free software and I will have students write lesson plans using your software and publish the lesson plans on the website. More possibilities exist. Patrick Greene, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Spring Around the World 2001
  • Join Fairtest list: ARN. Members speak about ways to counter high stakes tests.
    To join:
    send email To: listserv@lists.cua.edu
    in body write: SUB ARN-L FIRST LAST NAME


  • Staff Development links page to sites with information and actual practices in staff development.
  • Assess Effect of Technology in instruction and school. Links to sites which speak of the effects of technology in the classroom.

What to Read:

  • Academe This Week Summaries from The Chronicle of Higher Educati$
  • CMC Magazine John December's brilliant educ$
  • Converge magazine
  • EdWeek
  • eLearning
  • ED News
  • EdWorld
  • Elec Schl
  • eSchool
  • From Now On AKA Educ Tech Journal - an education journal
  • Media & Methods
  • MidLink Magazine a magazine by kids
  • MMS
  • Teacher
  • TechNews
  • Technology Source
  • T.H.E. Journal
  • WCE
  • Links to online magazines, newspapers, journals, and more.
  • Another good SOURCE for online Journals.

  • Read some selected Articles. This will be an ongoing and growing site of links to key timely articles, so please always check out new links. Most recent will be at top and the rest in descending order.

    Learning to SEARCH the Web

    Web presence:

    Why would a teacher want a web presence:

      1. A teacher's homework or general information page ("commercial site") can be updated without any software other than a browser.
      2. Updating via the web is platform independent.
      3. Editing via the web does not require an FTP client.
      4. There is no software to purchase.
      5. Teachers can easily update their site 24/7.
      6. There are fewer security issues.
  • Start here to access and create with free accounts a web presence for you and your students.
  • How to become a cyber teacher.
  • What teachers in Missouri are doing.

    Lesson making: Now it's your turn. Look at the links below to see how others create web lessons and then begin making your own.

  • WebQuests
  • Project based Projects samples

    Rubrics: The math, science of assessing.

  • Rubrics make your own.

    Authentic Assessment Enough said. This goes beyond the Standards..

  • Peer Review
  • Authentic Assessment Scholarship

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