We, Emi Egawa & Ted Nellen, have established a link with students in Japan. We sent email in hopes of finding a school(s) to make a connection for future collaboration. It seems appropriate that today December 7, 1995, we begin this project. We have had great success in making positive contact and have already begun the process of collaboration.

Atomic Bomb Discussion.

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Collaborating Schools

Clickable Map of Japan This map will let you locate the home of your new Japanese friend.

Tokyo Gakugei University High School Yutaka Yamauchi, a former TC student, has agreed to initiate a project between our schools. The initial contact will be establishing an email link by the students with a more formal project to begin Feb 1, 1996. We are very excited about this collaboration.

Hikarigaoka Girls' High School Tom Nagata, a teacher, will serve as the liason on this project.

Jon M. Brokering is sponsoring a project on The Unification of Hong Kong and China

Sumiyoshi Senior High School, Osaka. Tatsuya Kikuchi's class created the work which Akira Taniguchi, a language teacher, translated. The site is the Global High School Festival which celebrates PROMOTION OF GLOBAL INTERACTIONS AND UNDERSTANDINGS among young people.


Netizens who have volunteered their time to help us.

The Plan

Students in the above named schools will collaborate on specific tasks and generate web pages which reflect their collaboration. In addition they will be maintaining a webfolio of their own school work. This peer review process will serve as an excellent writing tool. Working in an international environment in a secondary school is an important life skill. See the Projects list below for specifics. We see this ongoing project as a valuable learning tool in the classroom. Wander about and let us know what you think.

This work appeared in April, 1996
The students were on a list and discussing many topics. Read the work about Nuclear Arms
archives. These essays include 3 essays from Tom Nagata's class with responses from Ted Nellen's classes.

Sept 1996:


  • Japan, Korea, and 1597
  • Japan's Economy

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