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Imitation is Suicide.

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Why you want to go to this museum.

Possible topic: TESTS!!

Read these articles for more information.
Toughening Up for Tests
For Students, Figuring Out Answer Sheet Was True Test

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
Charles Swindoll

2009 Scholars' Work of Cyber English - All
Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.
A.J. Liebling

2008 Scholars' Work of Cyber English & ToDaY's MeNu
2007 Scholars' Work of Cyber English & ToDaY's MeNu
Jill Becker, 9th Grade Guidance Counselor, Room 410 email:
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in Room 237 at
Information Technology HS
with Ted Nellen
CyberEnglish at ITHS

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# Today's Word of the Day. Be sure to use this site for VETY.
# Misspelled Word of the Week
# Today's Quote of the day. How are these relevant to you?
# Today in Literature
# On This Day
# A Poem a Day
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# Check Email Often!!
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1st Marking Period ends: Friday, Oct 14
P-T Conferences: Evening, Thur Oct 27, 6-8:30 pm; Afternoon, Fri Oct 28, 12-2:30
2nd Marking Period ends: Wednesday Nov 23
3rd Marking Period ends: Friday Jan 23

[VETY - I am - Book Reviews - Journal - Archiving]
[Your Quote - Hypertext Haiku - Wikipedia]
[January Webfolio]

  1. Book Reviews:
    Finish reading the December book and start your book review.
    Start looking for the January book NOW!!!
    Visit a local library.
    Be sure to bring your reading book to school everyday.
  2. VETY10 quiz first day back, Jan 3, 2006.
  3. Annotate your english.html file. See other scholars' pages as examples.
  4. Finish the Wikipedia Project.
  5. You should have great entries for your ejournal.html
  6. Proofread and edit all work done thus far.
  7. Please have all work up to date.

CONTENT is KING, NOT Design. So concentrate on the content of your pages!!

Writing TIPS

is Suicide.

What quote of the day would you put on your homepage? Wander through the previous quotes of the day. Select one you like and find important to you. Place it on your english.html file in a prominant place. Be sure to get permission if necessary as explained here. Then provide a link to a new file you create named: quote.html and explain the quote and its importance to you. Have fun!! See what the scholars are writing.

Your Journal is going to be very important. It will be where you record what you are thinking, what you are doing, and how you are doing it. You will use the journal to reflect on your scholarly inquiry. See what the
scholars are writing.

Some Starters for your Journal...

    I now realize...
    I learned..
    I was reminded of ..
    I was surprised to learn that..
    I feel..
    I remember when..
    I'm beginning to wonder..
    Someday I would like to..
    This makes me conclude..
    I discovered..
    I've revisited an old idea about..

You will call it "ejournal.html" and place a link to it on your "english.html" file. Use the "paper" file from Style Sheet. Using the "pico" editor create and write the "ejournal.html" file. This new file will be a writing journal of sorts, where you record thoughts about what you are doing in this class as it relates to your work. Make entries on a regular basis that show your inquiry and adventures in CyberEnglish. This journal will include hopes, fears, and correspondences with those who write you about your work, your thoughts about their comments, your reactions, and other matters of concern as you traverse CE. Be sure to date each entry. ALSO include links to your archives in this file. See what the scholars are writing.


Archiving: You should archive all of your work at the end of each marking period.
The 012306 is the date: month, day, year; on which you make the new archive.
webdocs)$ mkdir 012306 ENTER This command makes the new directory
webdocs)$ cp *.* 012306 ENTER This command copies all of your files into the new archive directory
webdocs)$ cd 012306 ENTER This command changes or moves you into the new directory
012306) $ chmod +r * ENTER This command allows others to view this new directory
012306)$ cd .. ENTER This command returns you to your main directory
webdocs)$ Now you are back in your main directory

Whenever you archive add a link to new archive in "ejournal.html".
It should look like this:

<li><a href="">Jan 23, 2006</a>
Note: replace ?????? with your login.

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Book Review

You should begin looking at the list of books for next month and get it at the school library or a library near you. You may have to order it, so start now!! I am interested in how this book is relevant to you and what you have learned about yourself from reading this book. DO NOT RETELL THE STORY OF THE BOOK!
You will call each Book review: br1.html for Book review 1; br2.html for Book review 2 and so on. See what the scholars are writing.

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I am

You will read Awakening Genius for this assignment. For each word, show us, don't tell us how that word applies to you. Please provide two examples from your life, one school related and the other non-school related, that shows us how that word is one of your qualities of genius. Write 250 words for each word you select.
You will call this file: iam.html. Do one word every three weeks. (09/23, 10/14, 11/04, 11/25, 12/16, 01/06). See what the scholars are writing.
Your Iam may need an Introductory Paragraph to introduce the Reader to what you are doing and perhaps how to navigate your site if it is tricky. As you move from one quality to the next, consider transition, that is a smooth jump from one quality to the next. One would call it weaving the parts together like one creates a quilt.

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What dictionary should you use? Call the file you create for this: vety.html. Add it to your english.html file.
You will need a GOOD Dictionary at home: either Webster's New World (4th Edition) or Merriam-Webster (11th Edition).
Use this Etymology Dictionary or Merriam-Webster or any other dictionary from this LIST of more dictionaries or a dictionary you found useful.
On Friday, when you come into room 237 work in teams. One member of the team uses the VETY disk, while the other member of the team uses the dictionary. There will be a quiz the following Monday.

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Putty to maintain Webpage.

Change your password: At $ prompt type passwd
  • Annotate index.html
    email protocol:
    - address recipient by name and sign all email.

  • email should look like this:
    <a href="mailto:YOUR EMAIL">YOUR EMAIL</a>
  • Change your password: At $ prompt type passwd

  • Learn basic Putty and UNIX commands.
  • HTML Pay attention to details, details, details.
  • Digitize your work for other classes by posting your work, your notes...


  • Backing up your work.
    1. email your work to yourself
    2. make a mirror site. you have a geocities account so use it.
  • Get a telementor. Do you know anyone, relative, friend, former teacher, neighbor, anyone who you have had as a mentor who could become telementor for you? You can find your own telementors, too.

  • Giving Credit to the creators of the other work you are using to create your pages is important. It involves copyright and even plagiarism. In addition you should be aware of the NYCDOE IAUP and the ITHS Permission Slip as you develop your webpages. DO NOT have streaming music, videos, or other applications that start up when we arrive at one your webpages. For all links to other sites that provide an image or other file, you should provide a credit line to creator and link to that site. Be sure to include the copyright line of code: © YOUR NAME 2004 at the bottom of all of your files.

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    Read The NewS!!

    Why? Good Question. By reading, the news, you become informed about your world, about yourself. By acquiring this information you become a better person and citizen.

    People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.
    A. J. Liebling (1904 - 1963)

  • How to
  • Editorials
  • Learning Network @ NYTimes
  • MisLeader
  • Tom Paine dot common sense
  • A Model Journalism Class
  • Current articles

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    Say this OFTEN: "I will Graduate from High School I will Graduate from College"

    1. Stuff You Will NEED!!
    2. Groups
    3. Exercise your hands, wrists, and more to prevent Carpal
    4. Read the AUP
    5. Plagiarism
    6. Beautify Home with our Style Sheet.
    7. Update Resumes
    8. Assessment
    9. Our Standards
      For ITHS scholars.

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    Seven habits of proficient readers:

    1. activating prior knowledge
      a. text-to-self
      b. text-to-text
      c. text-to-world
    2. creating mental images (visualizing)
    3. questioning
    4. determining importance
    5. synthesizing
    6. making inferences
    7. monitoring for meaning

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