5912 2001
5912 2002

Work of Scholars

TEXT: Images of Schoolteachers in America Second Edition by Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Gail E. Burnaford; Lawerence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, 2001; ISBN: 0-8058-3087-1

Which is it: This or That?

WEEK 1: 02/25


Your Webpage.
Your WebQuest
Your Image as a Teacher.


  • Fill in Questionaire email this.
  • Do This Now.
  • Web Presence:
    email account.
  • CyberLibrary Mining and harvesting the NET.
  • Resources for Teachers.

    READ: Become familiar with this site as we will be using these readings for justification, edification, and discussion.

    WEEK 2: 03/4

    Is this a good Image of school?

  • BBRoster
  • Create a Homepage and learn some HTML. Building your homepage requires that you write HTML code. The two easiest ways to learn how to write HTML code is to see it in action. First, use View, Source to see the code of the page you are viewing. Second, find what you want to do on this page and then use View, Source to see how to write that HTML code. Now there are other ways to learn code by reading online manuals to learn to write HTML. And of course you could buy a book. Then you may graduate to an elite web page creation software.

    TEXT: Begin by exploring the classical stereotype of the teacher in Chapters 7 & 8. Let me add my own piece on this matter as it pertians to Shakespeare.

  • Become familiar with your new environment: Read
  • Begin writing your own IMAGE
  • Begin preparing ideas for your WebQuest.
    Our Ideas

    WEEK 3: 03/11

  • Continue with homepage.
  • Discussion of TEXT: Continue with Chapters 9-12 to better understand the current stereotyping of the teacher in society.
  • File management: Windows Explorer, download (FTP), software utilization (WORD, Wordpad, notepad/simple text)
    Use of Tools: Track Changes: Highlight Changes, Accept or reject changes, Compare Documents
    Use of Insert: Comments

  • Read about Essential Questions for Webquest.
  • Your Metaphor should be developed as your IMAGE grows.
  • Consider this Metaphor pages 5-14.


    WEEK 4: 03/18
    No Class


  • To get started on your own Image or Re-Inventing Read Chapters 4 & 5 to understand the use of the metaphor in helping you describe your image and supplement them with this article. This will be the basis of your reading for your Image narrative and your own metaphor about your professional Image and attitude.
  • Continue updating and tweaking webpages, especially homework/classwork pages.

  • Peer Review
  • Explore The Cybrary
  • Lists of Search Engines and tutorials.
  • Read about using Search Engines.


    WEEK 5: 03/25

  • Further discussion of Chapters 4 & 5 and article.
  • Engage in Peer Review in Discussion Board on Blackboard. Peer Review the person immediately after you on list. Then do peer review of any other scholar of your choosing.
  • Outline of Webquest should be in place.
  • Discussion of TEXT.


    WEEK 6: 04/01

  • This is the halfway point, we will spend lots of the classtime, reviewing work thus far.
  • Augment your Image with Chapters 2, 3, & 6 as you read about other teachers and how they came to describe their images of themselves.
  • Powerpoint sample and Tutorials etc (the caveats)


    WEEK 7: 04/08

  • Discussion of TEXT: The Metaphor, thus far.
  • NYState Standards and more.
  • Read about Rubric use and building.
  • Find links about Rubrics
  • Using Tables to create a rubric.


    WEEK 8: 04/15

  • Discussion of TEXT: Chapters from 1 & 13.
  • Ethics et al


    WEEK 9: 04/29

  • Discussion of TEXT: Sharing Your Image.
  • Lab for completion of Webquest and using HTML.


    WEEK 10: 05/06

  • Presentation of Webquest.
  • Now you may think you will outgrow Geocities. You are right. The best solution I can offer is get your own domain, great word isn't it? On this page (scroll down to webhosts), you will find some good possibilities.